Senior Speeches 2019-2020

Mason Kaplan

Life is just like a boat race. Sometimes you face unfavorable conditions such as winds of over 25 knots or the power going out in the middle of a project. Even though I would rather have sailed back to the dock or jumped into the safety of my bed, I will continue on in the face of those obstacles.I know that things will not always be easy but thanks to sailing, I know that if I keep pushing, I will be able to make it to the end. I will always finish my race.

Maddie Yamada

“I wish there was a way to know you're in the good old days before you've actually left them.” I stumbled upon this quote during quarantine and while the words settled in my mind, memories flashed in front of my eyes like I was experiencing them once again.

Kyle Nishikawa

I told my parents that I wanted to go to Rolling Hills Prep and they were shocked to hear me say that. I knew that this was best for me, which is why I chose to come to this school. Although I knew I couldn’t see my best friends everyday, I put my education as my top priority. Looking back at it, I am really glad I chose to come to this school.

JT Tan

Another few great memories are the friendships I've created at RHP. These include everything from making a movie in APUSH to throwing pies at our teachers' faces. Other great memories include outdoor ed from freshman, sophomore and senior year.

Gabe Altieri

"I've always had a hard time expressing myself verbally but was always better at singing things vocally. So today I’m going outside the box and would like to sing “I Lived” by OneRepublic. This song’s message is simply to live life to its fullest. To me, it describes my time here and who I strive to be as a person."

Zach Mayfield

"In reality, The Hill of Death is nothing more than a steep road that had a terrible pavement job. But as a kid it seemed like an insurmountable task that I needed to complete. And in a way I did."

Brandon Mizobe

It feels like yesterday for a lot of things, but this just goes to show how fast time goes by. It’s a generic saying, but “time really does fly.” One blink, and you’ll miss it.  It’s ironic, because sometimes the days go by slowly, but the weeks and months and years really do go by so fast.

Kellanne Kitchen

To be honest, the idea of leaving home and heading off on my own to college kind of terrifies me. It reminds me of staring down one of those dark holes, not knowing where it will take me. Maybe that’s why I’m so excited about it.

Vaughn Flowers

Now, whatever I do, such as basketball or any other activity, I know things may get tough, but I realize I just needed to take the additional time that I need because that is how my mind works and now I'm perfectly fine with that.

Kai Nickerson

"After this speech, you probably think I’m obsessed with athletics (which is true) but one thing I learned was that it wasn’t just the sport itself that affected me, it was the aspect of a team or having a purpose. So whether that be a sports team, a choir, or a service-learning group, I encourage each person to invest some part of their time into an extracurricular because you never know the people or learning you'll gain from the experience."
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