RHP employs teachers, administrators, coaches, and support staff who bring a high level of expertise in their particular discipline and an understanding of the wide variety of needs of middle and upper school students, especially those that are neurodiverse. Our most successful staff understand that we must be active learners ourselves, continually refining our techniques, absorbing new information, and learning from our students and each other. We expect classroom teachers to demonstrate a sophisticated understanding of students that are both neurotypical and neurodiverse and to be able to implement and adjust lessons accordingly.


Ideal candidates will have prior experience in an independent school setting, prior experience working with neurodiverse students, and will be eager to further the student-centered values that the school embrace. 


If you wish to inquire about general employment, please send an email that includes a cover letter and resume (PDFs), along with our Application, to [email protected]. Please do not call the school concerning employment.



Current Opportunities
Please reference this section for any future openings.