Kyle Nishikawa

Being apart from my childhood friends was something that petrified me immeasurably. When I was in 8th grade, I had to choose between going to a small private school called Rolling Hills Prep, or my local public high school, North Torrance. If I were to go to public school, I would be able to be with my lifelong friends instead of venturing into a school with people I do not know. I didn’t look at the advantages of going to a small private school. Instead, I looked at all of the negatives of Rolling Hills Prep, and all the positives about North Torrance. I could tell that my parents wanted me to go to Rolling Hills Prep, but they did not want to force me into going because they knew how close I was with my friends and how hard it would be for me to leave them. After I talked to them, I started thinking about what would make me prosper, and what would be the more beneficial choice, instead of what I wanted to do.

 After I visited the school, I knew for a fact that RHP would prepare me for college. I had to take advantage of this educational opportunity. I told my parents that I wanted to go to Rolling Hills Prep and they were shocked to hear me say that. I knew that this was best for me, which is why I chose to come to this school. Although I knew I couldn’t see my best friends everyday, I put my education as my top priority. Looking back at it, I am really glad I chose to come to this school. This school has given me so many opportunities and opened up my perspective on life. Even though I could not see my best friends everyday, I made new lifelong bonds with new friends at Rolling Hills Prep.