Shared Values

Four Pillars

As part of RHP's ongoing self-evaluation and improvement, a group of teachers, trustees, and parents has approved the learning expectations for students, based on the Four Pillars. Every day our teachers focus on these four pillars, incorporating these philosophies into their teaching and evaluation. These principles are not just on paper. They inspire the high-quality teaching hallmark of RHP. 


Disciplined Minds

  • Become aware of, and appreciate the relevance of the learning process to life
  • Learn to probe and investigate, think logically and critically, synthesize ideas, and solve problems
  • Communicate effectively in writing, verbally, and graphically
  • Become skillful researchers--organize, comprehend, evaluate, and interpret information and ideas
  • Make interdisciplinary connections.


Sound Character

  • Demonstrate self-motivation and self-discipline
  • Become independent, confident problem-solvers who are enthusiastic and willing to take risks
  • Develop awareness, acceptance, and respect for different opinions, cultures, religions, learning styles
  • Work productively with others, cooperate, and be good team players in all areas of life
  • Show respect for rules through the traits of honesty and honor, and display sportsmanship
  • Demonstrate strong social responsibility both inside and outside of school.


Healthy Bodies

  • Gain an understanding of how the body works and how food, alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, human relationships, exercise, and mental health affect the body
  • Make healthy and beneficial choices concerning food, alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, human relationships, exercise, and mental health
  • Make decisions based upon the long-term effects of choices, not just what feels good or works for today.
  • Promote health-positive choices amongst peers and family.


Creative Spirits

  • Communicate confidently, effectively, and with sensitivity in a variety of forms
  • Recognize, analyze, and appreciate creative writing and the visual and performing arts
  • Cultivate a safe, nurturing, and enthusiastic environment among all members of the community while engaging in the creative process
  • Gain a perspective of self.

We are grateful for the beautiful landscape that is home to our school. We recognize that Indigenous Peoples are the traditional stewards of the land on which this campus resides. This is the traditional territory of the Tongva peoples, who are known to have inhabited the southern portion of what is today, Los Angeles County. It is necessary to acknowledge the painful history of genocide and dispossession of their land via the environmental disruption imposed upon them by settlers. The preservation of Native histories, identities, and cultures is vital to the intellectual and social development of our community. We offer respect and gratitude to the many Indigenous peoples who reside in the Los Angeles area as well as their ancestors.

RHP has embraced and exemplified what it means to be a green campus since 2007, when the school moved to their permanent location on Palos Verdes Drive North. Reducing the carbon footprint and encouraging the campus population to embrace an environmentally sound lifestyle is a distinguishing characteristics of our school. The construction of the campus in 2007 included numerous green initiatives, such as maintaining the proper ratio of trees to people and recycling demolished structures. 


RHP continues to explore ways to incorporate other environmental initiatives to reduce the schools' carbon footprint. This initiative led to our installing 700 solar panels to reduce the school's energy bill by an estimated 93%. At certain times of the year, the schools pump energy back into the Southern California grid, becoming a power source for others.