Athletic Program

Athletics contribute strongly to Rolling Hills Prep and Renaissance Schools' development of healthy bodies as well as to the disciplined minds, sound character, and creative spirits that make up our mission statement - the four pillars.

Together, Rolling Hills Prep and Renaissance Schools offer 21 team sports in middle school and upper school. All teams represent both schools as the Huskies. We compete against similar-sized schools in the Coastal League of the California Interscholastic Federation's Southern Section and boast an excellent record in those competitions.

Middle School Athletics

Middle School Athletics instills an appreciation of sports and many of our students develop a recognition of teamwork and the importance of effort and trying again, that helps them succeed on and off the field. RHP and Ren offer a sense of competition with a "no cut" policy to allow everyone to play. 
Rolling Hills Prep and Renaissance Schools offer the following as both boys' and girls' middle school teams:
  • Basketball
  • Co-ed Soccer - Fall 
  • Cross Country

Upper School Athletics

Upper School Athletics continues emphasizing the Four Pillars and the development of teamwork and achievement. More than 50% of Upper School students at Renaissance participate in one or more interscholastic teams each year.
Rolling Hills Prep and Renaissance Schools offer the following for upper school students:
  • Beach Volleyball - Spring
  • Cross Country
  • Football - Fall
  • Soccer - Winter
  • Girls' Softball - Spring
  • Cheer - Year-round
  • Boys Baseball - Spring
  • Basketball - Winter
  • Volleyball - Fall
  • Golf - Spring
  • Surfing - Winter