Head of School Welcome

Amy Hollinger - Head of Schools - Rolling Hills Prep, Renaissance, and REACH Schools

Welcome to Rolling Hills Preparatory School. The 2023-24 school year marks our 42nd year of providing “high expectations with unparalleled support” for our students and families. At Rolling Hills Prep, we know that when the bar is set high, students can soar over it with the “right fit” amount of coaching and support. We understand that all of us learn in different ways. No matter how our students learn they thrive because of this intentional pairing of high expectations and unmatched individual support. Grounded with a solid academic foundation. RHP students graduate with the confidence to navigate and excel in their college experience.


Why Rolling Hills Prep?


Today, based on the latest brain science we know that students do best when they receive an education tailored to meet their unique needs. Students learn differently and education must meet those needs to be equitable and effective for all students. This type of tailored educational experience is what RHP was founded 42 years ago. While other schools are just starting to figure out how to provide this type of learning experience RHP has the expertise and wisdom of 42 years of experience backing our school. RHP is the leader in providing an academic experience designed for each student with the goal of college in mind. Since our founding, we’ve shown how a challenging academic program can coexist with an environment that is designed to meet the needs of each individual student. Our school offers a rigorous academic experience, individualized support, and a wide range of extracurriculars that allow students to excel in their endeavors. From our Class of 2023, we sent 12 student-athletes to play at the collegiate level. This is an extraordinary accomplishment as our athletic teams are inclusive of anyone that wants to join. It also far exceeded other areas independent and public schools in the number of student-athletes that continued their careers at the college level. We have an extremely active Associated Student Body and support over 20 student clubs on our campus. Although we are small by design, our students have a wide range of opportunities to engage in. Our graduates are both well-prepared academically and self-advocate with confidence to meet the demands of college.


I am so proud to be the first female Head of School at RHP. I am prouder to call myself a Husky. Every day on our campus our mission rings true. “We cultivate an inclusive learning environment of high expectations and individual support where all students flourish.” 


Go Huskies!


Amy Hollinger

Head of Schools