Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Recap video from our 2022 Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Symposium

Diversity Symposium FlyerAt Rolling Hills Prep, Renaissance, and REACH, we consistently explore, embrace, and celebrate individual differences and backgrounds in and out of the classroom and in our everyday lives. We strive to ensure that all members of our diverse community feel respected, safe and accepted in expressing who they are. Our commitment to an educational experience of equity and inclusion not only cultivates a culture of belonging but also creates more culturally competent learners. We recognize and value all areas of diversity, including, but not limited to: race, ethnicity, country of origin, socio-economic status, gender identity and expression, age, sexuality, religion, neurodiversity, and physical abilities.
Diversity at a Glance
One of the greatest strengths of Rolling Hills Prep and Renaissance Schools is the diversity of our student body. Our vibrant community includes families from 37 different zip codes and, in a typical year, four or five different foreign countries. In a 21st century global society, it becomes ever more important that we live, work, and study with a multiplicity of people who are not just like ourselves. This quality of life at Rolling Hills Prep and Renaissance Schools may be one of the most important aspects of preparation for success in college and beyond.
Statistics Shown on the side of the screenCommunity Statistics
  • 42% students of color
  • 6% international students
  • 53% students have learning differences
  • Over 30 different zip codes
  • 43.4% of students receive financial aid
  • 34% faculty of color
  • 30% board members of color


Guidelines for Inclusive CommunicationGuidelines for Inclusive Communication
These guidelines are community agreements, adapted and developed from a collaborative effort of our faculty, utilized to help facilitate discussions and navigate difficult topics. Teachers and students alike are mindful of and practice adhering to these guidelines when engaging in dialogue that may at times be unfamiliar or uncomfortable.

Click here to view the Guidelines for Inclusive Communication PDF

DEI Programming: Advisory Workshop Topics
  • Race & Ethnicity
  • Gender Roles
  • Assumptions & Stereotypes
  • Multicultural Identity/Microaggressions
  • Implicit Bias
  • Equality & Equity
Recommended Resources
Events and Programs
Advocates for Diversity Club‘Advocates for Diversity’ is a student organization/club in which students collaborate to learn about and explore issues concerning diversity and equity within not only our own campus, but in our greater community as a whole. The mission is to encourage and provide initiatives for students to become advocates and allies for those who are marginalized, as well as providing a space to process and connect with those who share this same passion.
Being and Belonging - Diversity Symposium 2022
Exploring Affinity and Identity To Support All Community Members In Being Their Authentic Selves
Being and Belonging - Diversity Symposium 2022 Poster - Event hosted on February 23, 2022
Educators for Justice - 2021 Diversity Symposium
Educators for Justice poster
Diversity Symposium Group Screenshot
Learning Outside The Lines - 2020 Diversity Symposium
Learning Outside the lines poster
Guest Presenter: Jonathan Mooney - Video Below
From Tolerance to Togetherness - 2019 Diversity Symposium
From tolerance to togetherness poster
Workshops from Tolerance to Togetherness:
Tolerance to Togetherness Workshop Images
Tolerance to Togetherness Sessions 2
Reckoning with Impacts | Rolling with Just Intent - 2021
Reckoning with Impacts | Rolling with Just Intent
New Decade New Destinies - 2020
New Decade New Destinies Logo
Before 1619 Beyond 2019 - 2019
Before 1619 Beyond 2019
Word Chart using diversity and inclusion languageRHP, Renaissance and Reach Schools are committed to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) by providing an education and community experience that addresses multiple perspectives, as well as reflects the cultural diversity of our community, society, and the world. During Faculty Opening Meetings at the start of the school year, our entire faculty and staff participate in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion workshops as part of our ongoing training and professional development efforts. We revisited the school’s Guidelines for Inclusive Communication and discussed facilitating difficult conversations, and also reflected on our current work and how to be more intentional in including a variety of perspectives in our curriculum and school events. These ongoing workshops will help us as educators to continue to learn and grow within our community. Thank you to our DEI coordinator, Mr. Blanchette, and our Diversity Committee for leading the charge under Ms. Morse, our Director of Counseling and Wellness.
We are grateful for the beautiful landscape that is home to our three schools of Rolling Hills Prep, Renaissance and REACH. We recognize that Indigenous Peoples are the traditional stewards of the land on which this campus resides. This is the traditional territory of the Tongva peoples, who are known to have inhabited the southern portion of what is today Los Angeles County. It is necessary to acknowledge the painful history of genocide and dispossession of their land via the environmental disruption imposed upon them by settlers. The preservation of Native histories, identities and cultures is vital to the intellectual and social development of our community. We offer respect and gratitude to the many Indigenous peoples who reside in the Los Angeles area as well as their ancestors.