Visual Arts

Middle School

Student sketching figures from life.

The Middle School visual arts program offers students the opportunity to develop a well-rounded knowledge and skill set while engaging in imaginative self-expression. The sixth-grade course focuses on understanding the processes and development of art and culture through history. Seventh-grade students develop skills in many types of media and learn to process visual information through careful observation and understanding of the elements of art. This allows them to cultivate a deeper appreciation for visual aesthetics and make connections to their own artistic interests. As they transition to eighth grade, students shift their focus to the "why" of art-making and explore the underlying motivations and ideas that drive artistic expression. This emphasis on personal approach and introspection enables students to create more meaningful artwork while fostering greater self-awareness and individuality in their creative process.



Upper School

The Upper School art curriculum enables students to delve deeply into their preferred artistic discipline. Commencing in ninth grade, students can select their arts course from various offerings such as Drawing & Painting, Photography, and Design for Publication. Those who choose Drawing and Painting will experience a journey toward mastery while refining their unique artistic vision. The carefully structured curriculum provides a solid foundation for creative growth, allowing students to express themselves through various forms of visual art. On the other hand, photography students focus on capturing and manipulating images that convey emotion, provoke thought, and inspire viewers. Throughout these courses, students are encouraged to experiment, take risks, and seek constructive feedback while honing their artistic styles and excelling in their chosen mediums. Photography classes provide a broad base for exploration and an introduction to the historical and contemporary applications of the art. Introductory students learn the fundamentals of the single-lens reflex camera, film development, and darkroom use. At the same time, advanced photography students combine traditional techniques with modern digital approaches to create unique and compelling images. Overall, these courses offer aspiring photographers valuable guidance and insights, helping them develop their skills and unlock their creative potential.


Additionally, students work to produce the school’s yearbook and literary magazine, developing their design layouts with journalistic writing and photography.  The department offers three AP classes for highly motivated art students: AP Drawing, AP 2D Design, and AP Art History.


 Exploring abstraction composition with mixed media!


Spring Arts Exhibition and Community Arts Show

The arts program reaches its peak with an all-school art exhibition held in spring. This inclusive event allows students to participate in curating and organizing a gallery art show, complete with sophisticated lighting, music, and refreshments. The exhibition serves as an enriching experience for students, parents, and guests, providing a glimpse into the world of artistic expression and collaboration. Moreover, the showcase encourages an atmosphere of creativity and support, fostering a greater appreciation for the arts within the school community.