Gabe Altieri

As of now, you have heard many seniors talk about their experience here at RHP/Ren, or have talked about a particular moment in their life, and most recently our current heartbreaking climate - COVID19.  Granted, I am sad that we won’t have the opportunity to finish our senior year with moments such as prom, senior night, or possibly even graduation.  But I want to look at this experience with hope for the future and excited for all of us to strive to our destinies. I’ve always had a hard time expressing myself verbally but was always better at singing things vocally. So today I’m going outside the box and would like to sing “I Lived” by OneRepublic. This song’s message is simply to live life to its fullest. To me, it describes my time here and who I strive to be as a person.

I wish and hope all of you fulfill your own dreams and live life to your fullest.