Senior Speeches 2019-2020

Maia Taylor

My experience with ADD has given me the confidence to keep trying. I believe that ADD does not define me, and although it may be a disability, I never let it stop me. I turn it into an advantage. Even though I have to work harder, I can still find success.
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Luke Wang

" It is a good thing that people realize the importance of copyrights. However, at the same time, copyrights also limit the rights of translation, which lowers the quality of translation, since the official translators do not understand the native culture in that country. Also, the difficulty of getting copyrights makes the available authorized works very limited."
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Marlex Iraheta

My art is everything. Through photography, I can capture moments in time and share them with others. I really don’t spend a lot of time worrying about what others think. I realize that I see life most clearly through the lens of a camera and I’m happiest with a camera in my hand. And that is important. Someone recently told me “don’t let anyone get in between you and your art.” That is very wise advice indeed.
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Hans Lin

I told all my friends and relatives that my new school was made up of a group of people with the best qualities of mankind. I really appreciate every person in our school because all of you make an effort to create a peaceful environment for me to learn and make friends. And nobody laughs at my accent and grammar mistakes!.
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Adam Maggid

What is most important is that you care for yourself through all the tough times. Yes, you are loved by your friends and family, but you should never stop loving yourself. The first step to making an impact on the world, changing your life for the better, or doing anything amazing, is believing that you can because you are the center of your universe.
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