Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees

Rolling Hills Preparatory School



RHP's Board of Trustees is a group of dedicated individuals who champion and protect our school's mission while overseeing long-range and strategic planning and serving as the school's fiduciaries. We currently have 8 Trustees and 2 advisors, including current parents, alumni, parents of alumni, and friends. The Trustees’ diverse professional experiences and skill sets – in education, business, finance, technology, the law, healthcare, and more – ensure a comprehensive approach that helps the school grow and thrive.


Ed Myers (Chair)

Malini Sanyal (Vice Chair)

Bill Johnson (Treasurer)

Rick Curcio

Terry Ferguson

Arsenio Hernandez

Dan Levin

David Olson

Bob Van Nice

Chris Connell (Advisor)

Peter McCormack (Advisor)


To contact a member of the Board of Trustees or an Advisor, please reach out to either Christina Morse or Jacqueline Olivier.


Christina Morse
Acting Head of School
[email protected]
Jacqueline Olivier
Head of School (July 2024)
[email protected]