RHP is a forward-thinking and academically rigorous college-prep school that provides a carefully crafted curriculum. Our curriculum includes a variety of traditional courses taught using proven and engaging techniques. Some of our signature programs that educate the whole child include outdoor education, experiential learning, and cross-disciplinary collaboration. This approach ensures a comprehensive understanding of the student's strengths, weaknesses, and overall progress. By utilizing these diverse educational methods, our institution continues to nurture and develop well-rounded learners prepared for future challenges and opportunities.


At RHP, we believe in providing our students with a comprehensive and diverse educational experience. Our curriculum encompasses various subjects, including math, science, art, music, drama, outdoor education, service learning, and much more. We encourage personal development and global understanding through various activities and events such as field trips, International Day, World Dance Week, PE, athletics, and Grandparents' and Friends' Day. Everything that happens on and off campus is a valuable part of an RHP student's learning experience and is designed to develop a disciplined mind, sound character, creative spirit, and healthy body in each student. Students are encouraged to explore new interests, build strong relationships, and engage in their community through various activities, clubs, and programs. We aim to foster well-rounded individuals who excel academically and socially.


Advisory: Building Individualized Pathways for Success

 The Advisory Program is integral to our school's dedication to ensuring the success of every student while fostering a holistic approach to their development. At RHP, each student is assigned an advisor who takes a continued interest in their academic and social well-being. Serving as the primary source of guidance and support, the Advisor builds a strong connection with the student, fostering trust and encouragement throughout their educational journey. This personalized approach empowers students with the necessary tools and confidence to excel both academically and personally. Our Advisory Program is designed to support the comprehensive growth of each student by emphasizing social-emotional learning, diversity, equity, and inclusion workshops. Additionally, we incorporate health, life, and social skills lessons, college counseling, and community-building activities to foster a well-rounded experience. In the event that students encounter personal, educational, or disciplinary issues, our Advisors are committed to maintaining open lines of communication with parents to collaboratively address these concerns. This holistic approach cultivates a strong foundation for our students' future success and ensures a nurturing environment where they can thrive.


In Middle School, students are assigned a different Advisor in grades 6, 7, and 8 to ensure appropriate support for their developmental milestones during each academic year. These Advisors are well-versed in the unique challenges and opportunities at each grade level and are responsible for teaching the student in a specific academic subject. As they transition to upper school, students are assigned an Advisor who stays with them throughout their high school journey, providing consistency and maintaining a strong support system tailored to each student's needs. This combination of targeted guidance in middle school and long-term mentorship in upper school equips students with the tools they need to succeed academically and personally.


Outdoor Education

RHP's Outdoor Education program fosters a sense of unity among students while expanding their knowledge about nature and encouraging personal growth. By disconnecting from the modern distractions of technology, students are allowed to truly immerse themselves in their environment. This immersive experience promotes the natural world and challenges students to step out of their comfort zones and develop new skills. Through a combination of hands-on learning and community-building activities, the Outdoor Education program impacts students, instilling values of stewardship, teamwork, and adaptability.


Many students are outdoorsy types and love every moment spent outside. Others prefer the indoors and don't mind admitting their preference. In many ways, the latter group of students benefits most from outdoor programs as they engage in activities they might never have tried or may never experience again. These students gain new perspectives and discover hidden strengths, transforming their relationship with the outdoors and boosting their personal development.


Senior Internships

In their final year at RHP, seniors embark on a unique experience as they take their education outside the classroom through a two-week unpaid internship opportunity. This hands-on endeavor exposes them to various fields, including business, healthcare, film, research, education, and non-profit organizations. To fulfill the program requirements, students are expected to complete at least thirty hours of work on their chosen internships. By immersing themselves in these practical experiences, graduating seniors can gain valuable knowledge and skills that extend beyond the traditional classroom setting.


Senior Internships allow students to explore passion areas before they enter their post-secondary pursuits, allowing them to experiment before committing to a particular pathway in college. The training aims to acquaint young people with the “real world,” a world they have been educated to enter but may still find challenging due to a lack of practical experience. By participating in these internships, students gain valuable hands-on experience, develop professional skills, and build connections that can prove useful in their future careers.