Rolling Hills Prep School is a forward-thinking college-prep school that provides a carefully crafted curriculum. Our curriculum includes a variety of traditional courses taught using proven and engaging techniques along with extracurricular opportunities in the arts and sciences. Our approach ensures high expectations for students while embracing each student's learning profile.   

Our curriculum encompasses various subjects, including math, science, art, music, drama, outdoor education, service learning, and much more. We encourage personal development and global understanding through various activities and events such as field trips, International Day, PE, athletics, and Grandparents' and Friends' Day. Everything that happens on and off campus is a valuable part of an RHP student's learning. Students are encouraged to explore new interests, build strong relationships, and engage in their community through various activities, clubs, and programs. We foster well-rounded individuals who excel academically and socially.


In middle school, the learning opportunities seen in RHP and Renaissance classes are hands-on and involve strategies for studying and for exploring and expressing ideas. In high school, students in the Renaissance and RHP programs largely take Honors and AP courses in core subject areas. Students may schedule extra support blocks rather than taking electives in order to receive additional scaffolding for these classes.  At Rolling Hills Prep we pair high expectations with support so that all our Renaissance and RHP students may access advanced classes.


Our small middle and high school REACH program is for students who, because of their learning profile or need for a smaller environment, require more individualized support in order to access the program or in high school, meet graduation requirements. Students may have a hybrid program with Renaissance classes or be exclusively in the REACH Program. The lower school  (grades 3-5) program at REACH emphasizes reading comprehension, phonics, writing strategies, math, Social Thinking and humanities.