Specialized Diplomas

Rolling Hills Prep and Renaissance Schools offer specialized diploma programs where students can "major" in a field of study. These programs go above and beyond our standard graduation requirements. These diploma programs include summer programs or travel, participation in subject-specific clubs and service opportunities, specific GPA requirements, and teacher recommendations. These programs are for the student who ideally wants to further pursue these fields of study in college and beyond.

Diplomas Offered

Arts Diploma
"Exposure, Experience, and Expertise"
The Specialized Diploma in the Arts is for the student who demonstrates early and dedicated passion in an artistic discipline. The four-year program affords career and goal-oriented opportunities for learning, mastering, and sharing artistic skills. Students work closely with a teacher mentor in his or her discipline, learning invaluable insight, and skills beyond those learned in class. Through internships, service, and professional opportunities, students are encouraged to explore their disciplines independently. All work is accomplished in a cross-disciplinary manner, helping students understand the fundamentals of working in the professional art world, gain a grounding in art history, and prepare their own work for sharing in the community.
Global Studies and World Language Program
"Cultural and Language Immersion, Service and Adventure Learning"
The Global Scholars Program (GSP) is designed to connect our students with the global community through a three-year process that cultivates empathy, ingenuity, and resilience. The GSP is an innovative program that challenges students to gain and practice necessary skills for navigating the complexities of a globalized environment. 

The tripod structure of information literacy, ethical inquiry, and experiential learning is the guiding force behind the GSP curriculum. Students are equipped to be creative leaders, constructive citizens, and international social entrepreneurs.
Math/Science Honors Diploma
"Research, Internship, and Service-Based Learning"
The Math/Science Honors Diploma Program is designed to establish a pathway for students to obtain an advanced and highly challenging education in mathematics and lab-based sciences (physics, chemistry, and biology).
The diploma is earned through a four-year process that cultivates critical thinking, ingenuity, and problem-solving. Coursework also incorporates leadership and work ethics components, consistent with qualities that will eventually be required for internships in the field. This program encourages students to explore and master both theoretical and applied scientific and mathematical topics at an advanced level. Additionally, the program is aligned with admission requirements of highly selective colleges, and the specific broader demands of STEM-focused careers.