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Visual Arts


Visual Arts Students will curate a community event showing their work on the theme: Artists Make ….Change!
The varsity boys' basketball team after winning the Pac Shores final

Varsity Boys' Basketball Wins Pac Shores Final

Congratulations to our varsity boys' basketball team for their win in the Pac Shores tournament final on Saturday. They defeated Mira Costa 60-48 and won the tournament overall. Click the title text to read more in the Daily Breeze!
Husky Hominid Museum Screenshot

Explore our Husky Hominid Museum virtually

Mr. Purdy's middle school Renaissance students make an annual tradition of constructing their "Husky Hominid Museum," an exploration of humanity's development over the ages. Click the title to watch a trailer or the whole video!

About Us

Rolling Hills Prep, Renaissance Schools, and REACH provide a collaborative approach to education that provides every student with an individualized learning path to address their strengths and needs. Located on the same campus, we share the slogan: "Three Great Schools, One Vibrant Community."
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Rigor and Soul

Students working on classroom science projects
A forward-looking, academically rigorous college-prep school with a soul, Rolling Hills Preparatory and Renaissance Schools stand out from other great local public and private schools in one vitally important way: we have designed and implemented a balanced educational formula that prepares students for entry to, and success at, selective colleges and universities without burning them out in the process. 

The Four Pillars

Every individual who steps foot on our campus is encouraged to observe The Four Pillars: Disciplined Minds, Sound Character, Healthy Bodies, and Creative Spirits. We believe that these core facets provide our students with the tools they need to be thoughtful, ethical, and healthy citizens wherever they go.