Adam Maggid

Love yourself because not everyone is going to love you. When I first came to RHP I wasn’t happy. I was depressed, had a bit of anxiety, and hardly any friends. Because I didn’t have friends that I was comfortable with, I didn’t share my issues. Even if I did have those friends, it is something I would never do. Sometimes it seems that the best way to get over your problems is to share them with the people close to you. This may be good advice for some, but it wasn’t for me. I didn’t like to be the center of attention and even now, many of my close friends don’t know all I’ve been through. My own family even had a hard time understanding how I felt until two years after I came here. Although family and friends would be glad to help, sometimes the only person who can truly do anything is you. Eventually, I just relied on myself, and my issues passed. 

To a certain extent, you are the center of your own universe. I think that being the center of the universe means putting yourself in a position that is always looked up to and leading by example while holding ourselves to a high standard. We are not entitled to be liked so we need to embrace the few friends that do like us. The goal is to always love yourself through all the rough times and to find the few good friends that care about us. 

I have great friends that have stuck by me since I first came to RHP. I also have people that I was friends with a few years ago that changed so we drifted apart. People change, but always remember that you deserve to be treated with respect and honesty. You are the focus of your reality, don’t let one friend throw you off course. Find the people that improve your life, and keep powering forward. Care for others to the best of your ability, but never degrade yourself to force a relationship. Personally, I have always wanted to be on my own. I don’t let my mom help me with my essays because I want to prove I can do it myself. I want to prove that I am capable of doing great things without help.

Above anyone you loosely know, your friends, and even your family, is yourself. What is most important is that you care for yourself through all the tough times. Yes, you are loved by your friends and family, but you should never stop loving yourself. The first step to making an impact on the world, changing your life for the better, or doing anything amazing, is believing that you can because you are the center of your universe. No one will force you through the rest of high school so, hold your head high and embrace everything that makes the experience special. You will find friends that care about you and help you through the rough times. Go through high school because you want to and are worth it.