Hans Lin

Good morning to every student and teacher of RHP and Renaissance, my name is Hans Lin. Today, I am honored to stand on the stage to represent myself and talk about my school life in RHP. I have been in this big family since sophomore year, and now there is only two hundred days left for me to enjoy my high school time with you guys. When I first came here, my English was not good, so I was afraid to communicate with American students. I had the fear of showing myself because I am from another culture that I don’t know if people would accept me. However, the truth is, everyone was so nice and friendly, and it is hard to describe the kindness they showed. And while my parents were asking how I felt in America, I always responded in a happy mood. I told all my friends and relatives that my new school was made up of a group of people with the best qualities of mankind. I really appreciate every person in our school because all of you make an effort to create a peaceful environment for me to learn and make friends. And nobody laughs at my accent and grammar mistakes!. 

I used to be one of the Hagees. Mr. Hagee made really good dishes were my motivation to go to school everyday. During the first year, I even refused to go out with my friends after school. It is just because I did not want to miss the dinner made by Mr. Hagee. Mrs. Hagee always shared some useful methods to make friends from her personal experiences on the way to school, and she reminded me how to be a good man everytime when I did something wrong. Her encouragement was the most precious gift for me. Luke was the first friend I made in RHP. He is not good at expressing his feelings except when he is playing video games. Luke cares a lot about his grades and he taught me how to be a self-disciplined person with his actions. He is just like the stars we saw during this outdoor education: though he says nothing, people can see him shining. Yao was already graduated, but I still want to mention her. Yao offered me the most sincere friendship I have ever had in my life. She was very straightforward sometimes, pointing out my weakness, but she really plays an important role in my school life. I saw her faith in her goals and the efforts she made, and I’m sure she will become a good doctor in the future. Even, my friend, who has strong self-confidence, also helped me a lot in daily life. He makes me believe that if I keep doing the things I like, I will gain a meaningful life, no matter how hard it is. Everytime he was tired from training, I would suggest he take a rest, but he just smiled and said, "Since I love basketball, I would pay everything for it." Phoenix and Walliam are very social boys that girls like them. I don't know why, it may because they have very similar appearance. I am very grateful for their companionship. They would always stand with me when I am in trouble.

My parents run companies, so I used to think that I should become a businessman in the future. But now I have totally changed my mind because of the teachers in RHP, especially Dr. T and Mr. Holloway. I was so lucky to be in Dr. T's AP Chemistry class last year. It had only three students, so he took care of every one of us very carefully. I usually could not understand the complicated rules and questions very quickly, so Dr. T helped me with his free time. He never shows impatience. I see his smiling face at seven ten in the morning and four in the afternoon. Dr. T is always happy to do more for the students and I can tell he loves his career. I still remember last year he showed us the environmental protection documentary in class, and he is now acting as a perfect example of an environmental friendly person——bicycling on his way to school. Nowadays, many young people think money is the most important thing of their life. However, Dr. T makes me learn that the thing we should truly focus on is our spirit. No matter how much money I might earn as a businessman, I would feel unhappy if I don't have a rich spirit. Dr. T, I believe all the contributions you made to the community will be appreciated and remembered by people during their lives ahead. So I am thinking to be a teacher in the future. I want to gain happiness by doing the things I like. 

Furthermore, Mr. Holloway makes me learn that honesty is the best characteristic in the world. He forgives me all the time when I did not finish my reading response if there are appropriate reasons. I never feel afraid to tell him the truth, and he would encourage me, "Since you are working on it, things will get better." So I have learned never to tell a lie. Also, my deep thoughts and creative mind can always be represented in his class. He can understand my viewpoints at once. Mr. Holloway, I feel that your knowledge is as endless as the sea, and I hope that I can reach one percent of them in the future.

My whole senior speech sounds like a shoutout, but I am actually talking about myself. To all the teachers and my friends and each of you made up my RHP life, you have changed my perspective to the world. You made up my personality. My time in RHP is just a very short moment in my life, but I will always remember it in my heart. Thank you for listening.