Senior Speeches

Amanda Gilligan

"Sometimes, in order for true growth to happen, we need to put ourselves in situations where we are uncomfortable. If I wasn’t presented with this situation, though scary, I would have perhaps never learned how to ride the subway. And moreover I would have never experienced the satisfaction in knowing that I am fully able to fend for myself."

Sierra Runnells

If you are struggling with fixing a part of yourself or your life, take a step back and look at what lead you to that moment. Maybe you’re doing worse in school because you are spread too thin. With sports, homework, studying, being with friends, being a part of a demanding organization, working on personal goals, maintaining your image, allocating enough time to family, having a job outside of school, the modern student is overworked. Knowing that you aren’t performing well in one area because of other factors like these can put you one step closer to righting your situation. Take a break from the things that bring you down, regroup and approach the problem in a different way.

Miles Dean

You have to understand that the internet can be truly awful. It gives a platform to some of the worst people in the world, and laughs in the face of anyone who doesn’t already know the tricks of the trade when they are first figuring it out. But it is the small things that make it worthwhile.

Ben Byers

I can honestly say that initial love I had for RHP still remains and all that it has
afforded me. A school that is inclusive and promotes diversity. A school that encourages the least to BE and give their absolute best! A school that prides itself in some very grounded and fundamental principles like discipline minds, sound character, healthy bodies, and creative spirit.

Sam Nicholson

My advice to you would be to not take the school you are at for granted. I went to pretty much every type of school there is just to find out that none of them can compare with this one.

Angie Zhao

" Honestly, I’m struggling with anxiety and procrastination even now, but I now have a happier life and more positive mindset. Although I am a senior at high school now, I still feel like it is neither too early nor too late to make the changes. Life is long, and as young adults, we still have the chance to make mistakes and wrong decisions and learn from them. Just live as best you can, be present, and stay focused."

William Wang

"Having a sport you enjoy not only gives you exercise, but playing sports can also make you more ambitious, determined, and disciplined when trying to accomplish a goal. Tennis has made me more mentally tough, and kept me strong during the difficult times of my life. Sometimes it’s worth trying out something you might not enjoy, you never know what you might get out of it."

Trevor Robertson

" I knew as soon as I walked back into the waiting room that those same people were the ones that cared the most, and would always be there for me. And if nothing else, I hope that in life I can surround myself with friends like these, and be willing to do the same for them."

Drea Keswater

"I would never have been able to do the activities and have the opportunities I do at prep in public school. These include developing study skills I will use in the future, becoming a world traveler, and most recently, becoming a college-bound athlete. This school is so much more than just athletics. The teachers here have shown that they actually care, and are there for us. I would be an entirely different person if I hadn’t spent these years sailing, playing football, and learning at RHP. "

Hanna McKellar

" My way of looking at life is, if I can’t be happy, I’m going to spread as much happiness as I possibly can to as many people as I possibly can. With my friends and family, I am able to get through each day. My friends have helped me through everything, they are the reason I have become the person who I am today. Even though I get sad, I know that I have so many people that love and support me and so many people in my life that I love."
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