Senior Speeches

Xavier Higholt

"Can I run in life can I really do this race
Feeling like I chase and pace looking back at my past mistakes ( this is a great description of youth)
Never should of hesitated never should have waited
Should of done what’s on my mind then I would have already have made it
But now I’m playing off my senses
never mentioned or questioned
Just guessing that I already found my profession and that’s rap. "
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Yao Liu

To be empathetic is not only to be able to understand others’ feelings; it also requires us to respect them. If we could think from others’ point of view first, the chance for us to engage in any activity that might harm them will be decreased significantly. I strongly believe that if we all develop a more empathetic outlook, it will lead to a harmonious society.
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Dwayne Shen

Surprisingly, it was not that hard to assimilate into this new school. People are friendly, and the teachers are awesome. I got help from people whenever I needed. I am glad that I am able to attend RHP and I have made great new friends.
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Jared Thomas

I believe you can always choose to be nice no matter what. Some people think being nice is weak, but I see it as a strength. You might come out bruised, scarred, and exhausted but it’ll show the world that nothing can change your attitude. In the end, nothing can bring you down if you don’t let it.
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Paige Adler

No matter what challenges I faced, my dad was always there by my side to make me stronger and I don’t know what I would do without him by my side. My advice for all of you is that no matter what you go through or what you're going through, you can make it through with the help of the people that love you.
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Sam Wilson

Coach Will probably knew that I needed some guidance and that is why he came into my life and has influenced me so much. Sure I learned how to throw a baseball with pinpoint accuracy, read a pitcher to be able to steal a base, and how to hit home runs. But I also learned something more important: to be strong not only for yourself but for everyone who is around you. That is an attitude that I want to take with me for the rest of my life.
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Chris Platte

This experience really opened my eyes to just how privileged I was to be able to live in Hawaii and in Palos Verdes where it’s likely safe. I am so grateful that the experience actually shaped me into a wiser individual and now I am more careful and aware of my surroundings because of it. Looking back on it California was quite scary the first year I had moved but now that I’ve figured it out I’m quite comfortable and happy and ready to graduate.
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JC Finnucan

I have lived in Ohio, California, and Tokyo, Japan. I’ve traveled all over the world. I’ve had great friends and a family that I can count on until the day I die. I’ve got a nice car and a great place to call home. I’ve even got a great education. I’ve had many challenges, and I’ve overcome them. I really am incredibly fortunate, and just as grateful.
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Shaun Magid

"The best thing I ever did was ask for help along the way. I am Shaun Magid and I am one of the millions of faces of depression. I’m not saying this for sympathy, but for others to hear my story and to know that it's ok to struggle. I can't thank my mom enough for her guided assistance through this mission called life."
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Josh Kerster

" Our job is to make sure we pick ourselves up from our low points and move on while learning from the experiences. Coming full circle, small problems that stress us out most likely don’t matter in the end, so even if things aren’t in your favor right now or you are just having a rough day, remember to take a step back and feel grateful for where you’re at in life and for the people around you."
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