Senior Speeches

Hanna McKellar

" My way of looking at life is, if I can’t be happy, I’m going to spread as much happiness as I possibly can to as many people as I possibly can. With my friends and family, I am able to get through each day. My friends have helped me through everything, they are the reason I have become the person who I am today. Even though I get sad, I know that I have so many people that love and support me and so many people in my life that I love."
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Julian Little

"The point I’m trying to make is that in life you should never be alone. There is always room for help and friendships. Here at RHP and Renaissance, I’ve learned that even though we are a small community, it has had an huge pact on my life and the lives of my classmates and other students. And for that I thank you all."
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Olivia Newell

"Life is going to throw you ups and downs, or even damaged spines. Most of us in this room have lived privileged lives in many ways, but that doesn't mean we haven’t faced challenges. What matters is how we face the situation. We could always be waiting for the other shoe to drop. Or we could be happy in the moment."
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Natalie Valvo

"See, failure is just the right step on the way to being successful. Failure can make or break you. It can teach you how to dig deep down and find a way to believe in yourself and prove to others what you are worth. It can give you the courage to keep persevering." - Natalie Valvo '19
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