Trevor Robertson

Anybody who knows me well knows that right below anime, I believe that dogs
are the greatest things to come into this world. This may be a weird way to start out a
senior speech, but don’t worry it’ll make sense. This is about a time when a dog did
something not so good, however it taught me something important. It was one of the
first days of spring break during my junior year, and I was with my best friends Jimmy
and Drew. Andrea was also there, as my family was hosting him from Italy. We were at
Drew’s house, and after hanging out there we were planning to go to the beach. While
we were all hanging out in the backyard, I got to meet Floyd. Floyd is a massive brown
Pitbull, who at the time was being very friendly. He hung out with us for hours, not
growling or barking even once the entire time. When it was finally time to leave, Floyd
was lying down on a couch next to the front door, and Drew’s sister was on a different
couch. I was the last in line to walk out the door, and I waved at Drew’s sister on the
way out. It was at this time that out of the corner of my eye I saw a blur of brown, and
before I could fully process what was happening I realized I was pulling my hand out of
the mouth of a pretty angry pitbull. Drew’s sister chased Floyd into the backyard, and
my childhood of being raised by a Mexican mother kicked in, I immediately put my other
hand under the river of gushing blood and ran outside to save Drew’s hardwood floor.
By this time, my friends had noticed that something was wrong. Upon seeing the injury,
I distinctly remember Jimmy’s first words being “YO THAT’S SICK! If we go to the
hospital can I drive your car there?” With all the adrenaline I didn’t feel much pain, so I
told Jimmy no he could not drive my car, and we started debating what we thought the
scar would look like as I sat on the porch bleeding. Drew then tried to force me inside to
wash the wound, but scared of getting blood stains in his house I instead forced him to
simply bring the anti-bacterial and some paper towels outside to the porch. We then sat
for about 15 minutes as Drew’s sister would not clean out my hand because she was
afraid that it would make the wound sting. Drew Jimmy and I all looked at each other
and started laughing at her, and I eventually took the bottle and dumped the entire thing
on my hand. Andrea was too scared of the dog to be anywhere near the house, so he
was pacing back and forth on the sidewalk near the street freaking out, asking if he
should call an ambulance. We decided to get an uber instead, and sat in the back of it
laughing while trying to wrap my hand in gauze on the way to Torrance Memorial
Hospital. After finding the ER and sitting in the waiting room for a bit, I was admitted into
the back where I received two stitches and a slightly more professional gauze wrap.
About an hour had passed now, and when I walked into the lobby I expected only my
mom and dad to be there. However, Drew and Jimmy were still there, and that was
when I realized. Everyone reacts in different ways in different situations. Some show
concern outright, and some joke about everything. Some people can’t stay calm in any
situation and panic. But I learned from this experience that how people first react to a
situation does not show whether they care about you or not. My friend’s first thoughts
may have been to want to drive my car, or take snapchat videos of my hand, and sit
there and make jokes while uber’s cancelled on us one by one. However, I knew as
soon as I walked back into the waiting room that those same people were the ones that
cared the most, and would always be there for me. And if nothing else, I hope that in life
I can surround myself with friends like these, and be willing to do the same for them.