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Southbay Magazine - From a Distance

We are pleased to be featured in this month's issue of Southbay Magazine, providing an in-depth exploration of our successes with distance and virtual learning. You may read the entire article online by clicking "Southbay Magazine - From a Distance" above.

R&R Speaker Series: Kate Sheehan

Kate Sheehan will present the topic "Managing Anxiety During Uncertainty: How to Help Your Kids Get Through," which will help parents both identify fear and stress and provide practical strategies to address, manage, or cope with those feelings.

R&R Speaker Series: Lori Brummel

Lori Brummel will present the topic "Cooling Down Heated Conversations" by providing de-escalation strategies that can be implemented in tense situations with children, students, or even other adults.

R&R Speaker Series: Adriane Ransom

Adriane Ransom will present the topic "The Role of Occupational Therapy on Your Child's Professional Team" by providing an overview of Occupational Therapy, dispelling myths surrounding it, and discussing how it can be implemented to benefit children.
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