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STEM Expo 2020 - Introduction and Highlight Reel
We recommend all visitors watch this video prior to visiting other aspects of the STEM Expo because it will provide an introductory look at the individuals and topics covered in each episode. The video above is attached to the complete STEM Expo 2020 playlist on Youtube and all episodes will play sequentially after the introduction experience.

Welcome to STEM Expo 2020, Rolling Hills Prep and Renaissance Schools’ first virtual STEM event, featuring a variety of guest speakers with experience in a variety of STEM fields. Join us as we explore STEM careers, student projects, and other aspects of science, technology, engineering, and math.


The structure of the expo utilizes a brief introduction and highlight video hosted by RHP and Ren STEM faculty Dr. Mike Sherman and Chuck Pawlik. We encourage starting there and using that as a guide to explore other episodes out of sequence. Each episode includes an episode guide at the bottom of their Youtube description and all episodes are navigable at the bottom of this page.


Although we anticipate attendees will view a handful of episodes out of sequence, all episodes will be archived and available for viewing for the foreseeable future using this structure. This means that STEM Expo 2020 can be revisited and re-explored at your convenience.


Thank you for joining us on this revolutionary new digital experience for our schools and we hope you enjoy it as much as we did curating and building it!



Episode List

Please click the bolded text to view the selected episode. These full episodes typically range between twenty and thirty minutes in length.


In our first episode, Dr. Julian Taurozzi, our High School Chemistry teacher will talk about how his favorite class in High School was Chemistry and how that led to his Doctoral in  environmental engineering.  From refineries to nanotechnology, Dr. T is full of surprises.
Our second episode brings RHP Student, Walker Pawlik into the STEM Expo arena as he explains the intricacies of building his own high-powered gaming computer.
Energy and sustainability are the topics of concern for our next guest, Trevor Anderson. Trevor will tell us about how his biology degree turned into a science, business, and policy career affecting climate action plans in local governments in L.A.
We all know that science can be fun but can a neuroscientist tell a good joke?  If you ask our next guest, Shannon Odell, the answer is definitely yes. 
Hawaiian culture is mixed with Middle School science as Laua’e Gouveia explores how his background is an important aspect of his teaching.
For episode 6, Mike Cavallaro is an entomologist discussing caddis flies, trout and even bugs as food.  His educational journey proves why being persistent pays off.
Our own Spencer Rogers talks about how he grew up doing projects, living on a boat, and more surprises.  His educational aspirations started in marine biology, moved to astrophysics, which developed into computer science with a final outcome of an electronic engineering degree.
For a twin experience, Tim Sherman describes how his early love of video games directed his current focus in the gaming industry. Tim will talk about the mobile game market, Fortnite, and the future of the mobile gaming industry.
In episode 9, Tom Lucht is our T-Mobile connection.  Tom will talk about his educational journey from an early interest in computers to a technology strategist.  The discussion continues into the future of mobile technologies and the current development of a 6G network.
Did you ever wonder about the inner workings of Disney?  Laura Barnes throws open the doors to this creative company through her discussion of innovation, imagineering, levitation, animatronics and much more.
Donald Lopez talks to us in episode 10 explaining what a systems integrator in aerospace does.  He believes in the importance of collaboration and discusses the impact COVID-19 has had on the industry. 
Dr. Alefiya Hussain, a current RHP parent, is highly regarded in the field of Computer Science and today talks about the advantages of a computer science career.
If you are a gamer, you may want to listen to Dan Sherman.  He is the CEO of Game Club, a new way to play classic games on mobile phones.
Mr. Daniel Weishoff is a cyber defense expert who talks about how all of his passions have led to his current position and how important it is for all of us to be aware of what makes us whole.
Episode fifteen's expert is Dr. Jason Douglas, an Assistant Professor of Public Health at Chapman University. Dr. Douglas will share his expertise on the impacts of COVID-19.
RHP’s own Naomi Scott, class of 2023, is here to tell us about her experience in marine science. Specifically she will address her work with the Teen Climate Control, volunteer work at aquariums, and her water conservation curriculum.