Huskies RISE with The Rams

Our football team was invited to participate in “RISE with The Rams,” a leadership and social justice-focused program designed to harness the unifying power of sports and build relationships between high school football teams with a cross section of races and socioeconomic backgrounds. RISE with The Rams is a partnership between The Los Angeles Rams and RISE, a national nonprofit that educates and empowers the sports community to eliminate racial discrimination, champion social justice, and improve race relations.
The program includes various events and activities that work with student-athletes, coaches, LAPD officers, and Rams players to build leadership, understanding, and overall cultural competency to help address various disparities in society. Events take place from July to November and our football team has already had the benefit of taking part in several sessions based around identity, perspective, diversity, and community building. As a bonus, our football players were invited to attend a pre-season game against the Chargers at the newly opened SoFi Stadium.
Character education is a crucial component of our schools’ philosophy and RISE with The Rams is a program that cohesively connects our Four Pillars’ commitment to “Sound Character” and “Healthy Bodies” in an engaging experience that inspires young people to gain awareness and make a difference. We appreciate the invitation and we look forward to hearing more about our team’s involvement with RISE with The Rams in the future! Congratulations our football team and GO HUSKIES!