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R&R Speaker Series: Lori Brummel

Lori Brummel will present the topic "Cooling Down Heated Conversations" by providing de-escalation strategies that can be implemented in tense situations with children, students, or even other adults.

R&R Speaker Series: Adriane Ransom

Adriane Ransom will present the topic "The Role of Occupational Therapy on Your Child's Professional Team" by providing an overview of Occupational Therapy, dispelling myths surrounding it, and discussing how it can be implemented to benefit children.

R&R Speaker Series: Dr. Kaye Ragland - July 22

Dr. Kaye Ragland will present the topic "Educational Therapy as Part of Your Child's Collaborative Team" and she will explain how educational therapy functions and provide crucial insight when it comes to seeking out educational therapists.

R&R Speaker Series: Uma Kadekodi - July 8

Uma Kadekodi will demistify the role of of childhood Speech and Language disorders as she presents "Reactive to Proactive: Taking Charge of Your Child's Speech and Language Needs" on Wednesday, July 8, at 4 PM.

R&R Speaker Series: Dr. Oren Boxer - June 24

On June 24 at 4 PM, Dr. Oren Boxer will be the next guest featured in the virtual R&R Speaker series co-hosted by Renaissance and Reach Elementary and Middle Schools. The topic he will be presenting is "Thinking About The Future: Understanding Executive Functioning Skills."

R&R Speaker Series: Dr. Karen Wilson - June 10

Join Renaissance and Reach Elementary and Middle Schools for our virtual speaker series. Our guest on June 10 will be Dr. Karen Wilson presenting "They Don't Always 'Grow Out of It' - How to Support Kids Who Struggle."

Closure For Coronavirus

Due to the recent situation surrounding Coronavirus (COVID-19), we will be closing campus and switching to distance learning for the remainder of the school year. Please note that our admission team is offering virtual information sessions and accepting rolling admission applications remotely during this time. For more information, click "read full story."
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