2021-2022 Senior Speeches

Sydnee Boutelle

We all have days where we just feel like we’re feeling our lowest. But those days will pass, keep your head up and do your best to find things that bring you joy and happiness.

Chloe Smith

Help looks different for everyone and asking for it isn’t a sign of weakness, it is a sign of strength.

Devon Darley

Curiosity is what helps us all discover what we love, what makes us tick as some might say. More so than that, I strongly believe that curiosity builds character.

Kyra Prendergast

Missteps are inevitable, but I believe it is what we do to make our wrongs right that defines our character.

Tatum Tamashiro

Every obstacle is just an opportunity to become stronger and learn from it.

Benny Gealer

I’ve learned that the best success is earned by putting aside the views of others, true or perceived, and focusing on my own contribution.

Sofi Velasco

Overthinking will always be a part of me and I cannot let that go. Although my anxiety is a part of me, it does not define me and my decisions.

Tom Bendelow

So my advice to all of you; learn how to embrace change, and find the things and people that you love and enjoy. Find your coping mechanisms and find your safe space.

Samara Abrams

The title of this story was “It Could Always Be Worse.” This is something that I have since applied to my life. If things are bad, I should be grateful that they aren’t even worse than they could be. I have an hour’s worth of homework and I don’t want to do it? At least I don’t have two. I’m in a pandemic? At least I’m not sick, and I am doing everything I can to keep myself and my family healthy. And if all else fails, I think of my personal favorite: At least I’m not on fire right now.

Seydina Thiombane

I learned a lot while at RHP. The most notable concepts are the importance of effort and communication. You cannot get what you want when putting in the bare minimum effort.
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