2020-2021 Senior Speeches

Lily Itzinger

Throughout the pandemic, I have learned that it is okay to fail at times. Conflicts will arise, there will be many challenges that life will throw at you and yes they will be hard to overcome, but the way you react and the knowledge obtained from these hardships are what makes you special in your own way.

Isabella Biancamano

I'm looking forward to college next year, even though I'm not sure what I want to do yet. I'm excited to finish high school and begin a new stage in my life.

Chandler Mason

“Why do I need to breathe to live? The boy yells into the fog of the forest.The little air the boy had left his lungs. He realized the meaning of breathing. “I see that breathing is love and trust of the people around me” the boy silently says as he drops to the ground.

Dashiell Greely

I have been fortunate enough to have friends that have taken me on surfing, snowboarding, and dirt biking trips around the state. I have made great memories with great people from these experiences. This has caused me to never want to leave this great state and I hope to become successful, so I can live in So Cal and maintain this lifestyle.

Odina Weiss

I can finally do what my younger self could never do: be an individual. And I can’t thank myself enough for being so strong. I encourage everyone to delve deep within themselves and ask this important question: do I love myself?

Macey Caron

By reframing my perspective, I realized three things: I am not a quitter, but a fighter. I am not overly sensitive, but empathetic. And lastly, I am not broken, just bent in a beautiful way. The aftermath of pain is transformative.

Gigi Goshtigian

I’m learning to embrace change, as hard as it might be. Especially with one of our biggest changes coming up, college. I have no idea what college is going to bring me but I’m embracing it and starting to get a little excited about it. It’s a big step but I know that I am going to land where I’m supposed to be.

Amos Gilbertson

"You will have your own experiences and make memories unique to you. I encourage you to build relationships with each other, giving you something to reflect on for your own senior speeches. "

Maria Galvan

Writing this, I am reminded of a saying that has stuck with me since starting at RHP: “get comfortable being unforgettable”. I first heard this phrase while listening to a podcast about softball. I had to keep putting myself in situations that I wouldn’t have otherwise been in, because I knew if I didn't then I would regret not doing it.

Nia Quiñonez-Kurnick

I’ve been lucky to be involved in diversity conferences and workshops that have helped me explore my identity. It feels amazing to be able to talk openly with other people who have the same questions as I do.  It’s such an important way for me to connect to other people.
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