2020-2021 Senior Speeches

Eli Higuera

All sports prepare you for life, but baseball does it the most for me because baseball is a game of failure. Many coaches and players say that this game will keep you humble because a lot of players will fail seven out of ten times but if you can do that a majority of your career, you’ll be really good. The game teaches you how to handle failure and overcome adversity.
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Landon Rheuark

My interests have kept changing over the years and I have learned so much, but the greatest thing I learned in high school was that it’s important to try out new adventures. If you stay in your comfort zone and don’t try new challenges, how will you grow?
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Riley McIntire

I strongly believe that together we will be able to find happiness and security for ourselves in the future. Things will get better for us, our children, our grandchildren. We are adapting to our dire circumstances, fighting for our futures, and for our rights as humans and soon, very soon I believe, we will be able to see our seeds grow.
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