8th Grade Outdoor Ed Has Changed Locations

Dear 8th Grade Parents,

We are writing to share with you that the group organizing the 8th grade Outdoor Education trip, Naturalists at Large (NAL), has contacted us with disappointing news. Inclement weather is in the forecast for the coming week and it is their decision that the Lower Colorado River trip is not an option at this time. The size and severity of the storm that is predicted to hit during the days that we planned to be on the trip presents a significant safety threat that makes travel on the river unsafe. While we were very much looking forward to spending our time on the river with the students, we are grateful to NAL for their prioritizing our safety and making this decision.  

In light of this, the good news is that we have been able to make arrangements for the 8th grade trip to take place in Joshua Tree.  

The 10th grade trip will also take place in Joshua Tree, but arrangements will be made to keep the two groups separate for the majority of the time we are out there. Here is a sample itinerary for a Joshua Tree Outdoor Education trip. Please note that the order of events will likely be different from this sample, to avoid overlap between 8th and 10th grade activities.  

Unfortunately, this change of destination does mean that there are some differences in the equipment and gear that the students need to bring.  Please review the updated packing list and make the necessary adjustments.

  • The list indicates a sleeping bag rated down to 32 degrees. If you do not have one of this kind, please make sure lots of extra warm clothing is packed for night time.
  • Much of the warm weather clothing you packed still applies for the day, but students need hiking shoes and additional layers to accommodate the cool nights in the desert.
  • Look through this list and do the best you can. We realize that this is late notice and not every single supply will be able to be purchased.

The arrival time on campus on Monday morning has been updated to 6:30am. Those of you who have already made arrangements to drop your child off at 5:30am may still do so, as the Lead Chaperone, Jon D’Agostino, will be there as originally planned.  

At the conclusion of the trip on Thursday, October 4th, the group will depart Joshua Tree at 12:00pm, which means that we will likely arrive back on campus around 3:00pm. Please adjust your plans for picking up your child to accommodate this timing.  

In Summary:  

  • Colorado River Trip has been changed to Joshua Tree due to inclement weather
  • Drop students off on Monday at 6:30am (Mr. D still available at 5:30am)
  • Please see updated packing list for desert conditions
    • Predicted highs in the 80’s and lows in the 50’s, with a 40 percent chance of rain on Wednesday
  • Thursday pick-up time predicted as 3:00pm

We apologize for the inconveniences caused by this last-minute change and we thank you for your flexibility. Your child’s safety is our priority and we are grateful that we are still able to offer them a meaningful Outdoor Education experience. We look forward to our adventures in the desert with the 8th grade this week!  


The 8th Grade Chaperone Group

Jon D’Agostino - Lead Chaperone

Charlotte Oduro, Lance Hollandsworth, Alyssa Matuchniak, Naomi Pawlik - Chaperones