Nate Goldberg

"Over the past couple of months, dealing with college applications and other hardships. I found myself unhappy, not enjoying each moment like it could be my last. There is a saying that I have always glued to the back of my head that has guided me to pause occasionally and focus on living in the present that saying is "Do what excites".
A couple of months ago, I dealt with some pretty intense anxiety and depression. I realized something needed to change when I noticed I wasn't enjoying the things and people who used to make me happy. At this point, I reached out to my parents and ultimately found some help.
I am really glad to report that I am happier now than ever. Not only that, but I am ready to create again. Also, the advice of always telling a story doesn't just have to revolve around filming. In life, you are the main character. We will all hit roadblocks and challenges at some point in our life, and this will try to steer us off the path of success. My advice is to find and identify goals for your future and do a little something daily to help that dream become a reality."