JV Brown

Chasing your dreams is scary but living a life of not trying is even scarier. My goal was to win a CIF Championship this year, and we lost. I put everything I had into my training and working with my teammates. After this loss, it felt like the end of the world. I thought about all of the things I could have done differently to help my team win. 
This feeling cast a shadow over me for a few days until I started to reflect on my four years playing basketball at Rolling Hills Prep and how much it meant to me. I thought about all of the moments from when I was a young 8th grader going to my first varsity practice to my last game in a Rolling Hills Prep jersey. 
I began each year with the team goal of winning a CIF Championship and a set of individual goals. For example, my first goal was to be a starter my sophomore year. 
During my freshman year, I only got into the game when we were up by a lot or down by three points. I shared my long term goals with Coach Kitani and I asked him what things I needed to work on to accomplish them. We discussed my defense, which was my weakest point. I began working on it with increased focus before practice and at home. I felt myself improving every day and when my sophomore season started, I was named a starter. 
I thought about all my happiest moments and all of my saddest and frustrating moments. Even though we didn’t win a championship this year, I began to start feeling rewarded. The journey of getting better and doing something I love was the reward. There were many ups and downs, and plenty of opportunities to give up or lower expectations. I didn’t do that. I kept believing, saw the future I wanted to create, and worked hard to bring that to life. 
My story here relates to basketball, but the bigger lesson is broader. Don’t let others define you, don’t let them limit you, match ambitious belief with corresponding levels of commitment and work, and you can realize your dreams. I have now accomplished my long term goal and I have now set new goals that I will achieve. I will take this approach to the University of Missouri as I continue to chase my dreams on the court and in the classroom. 
To the Basketball team, it’s been a great four years, and I will cherish them. I couldn’t have asked for better teammates. Thank you Coach Kitiani, Coach Manasa, and Coach Corey for teaching me how to play basketball the right way. I appreciate your hard work everyday. 
Thank you to all my teachers who have helped me here at RHP
Mrs. Sosa- thank you for all your help over the years. I really appreciate it.
Mr. Holloway- thank you for being a great teacher, your english class is one of my favorite classes.

Mr. Liddiard- thank you for all your help with the college process and for all your support 

Ms. Kacy- thank you for helping me with my art 

Profe Ontiveros- thank you for your support and I enjoy being in your class. 
Mom- Thank you for being such a caring mom. I know I don’t always show it but I appreciate all you do for me and I love you. 

Dad- Thank you for being my biggest supporter. You taught me the power of believing in myself and you never stopped believing in me. I love you
Thank you