Olivia Becker


Life is like a light switch, a button is clicked and everything starts to come to light. My life was changed at 15 and shined a light so bright on my health I would have never imagined 2 years later I would be sharing this with you guys. When I was at a party for 4th of July and I bit into a chip and felt a stabbing pain in my jaw. At first I didn’t think anything of it but over time my health started to slowly plummet causing the problems I have now to slowly come to light leading to my Fibromyalgia diagnosis.


My life before fibromyalgia was pretty typical. I went to school, played sports, and did activities. However after getting diagnosed with my jaw problem, the rest of my health started to slowly take a toll changing my typical day. Fatigue hit me the hardest out of all symptoms. We noticed it when I started to fall asleep at doctors’ appointments in the middle of the day. I started to get a sense of not wanting to do anything or having to cancel plans from needing to sleep more. My grades became really hard to keep up, however I tried my best and was still able to take honors and AP classes over the years.  

My quality of life has changed a lot which has caused me to realize how much I used to take for granted. My physical strength is what I noticed first. I was never the strongest but over time at physical therapy I could barely lift the 5 pound over my head without help.  Mentally I wasn’t doing too well either. I was constantly worried about my health, and was tired of sitting at so many appointments. I had started to think I was going crazy, no doctor could figure out what was wrong with me and some even told me I was making it up. 


Now looking back 3 years ago from where I started, I see that this disease has helped me gain a lot of values. I would be lying if I said my fibromyalgia never stopped me from doing things, however I tried to overcome this challenge. I learned that I shouldn't take things for granted that I always found so simple cause they might not last forever and that one moment can slowly change everything. This whole experience has taught me alot about life and changed my perspective on things forever.  Even though I will have to deal with it at college and eventually when I have a job, all the things I learned made me become a more mature and better person all together. 

 Thank you! 


  • Howard’s Babies, I couldn't have asked for a more fun and wild advisory. Thank you so much Mr. Thomas for taking over this year and can’t wait for one more year with all of you. 
  • Thank you so much to all of my teachers that have helped me through the years. I am truly grateful for all of you and wouldn’t have made it through highschool without your help 
  • The VB team, I have enjoyed being on the team these last 4 years. Highschool wouldn’t have been the same without any of you. 
  • Cam, Nicole, Lulu, and Syd you guys are some of the nicest people I have ever met. You never fail to make me laugh and I am so glad we have all gotten so close these past years. I know no matter where we go for college we will always stay friends 
  • My little sophomores, Keli, I am sorry for petting you with my dogs, dancing with you is the highlight of my day and I am so happy we met. And Maya even though I've known you since you were a little 6 year old I am so glad we are getting closer. 
  • Chance and Madi, I can't believe you guys will be seniors next year. I have enjoyed getting to know you both so much these past years and will miss you both. 
  • Kaila, my blob or joy, my sweetums, my daffodil of delight, we only met a year ago and you have already become one of my best friends for life. From our Justin Bieber concerts with my mom to sitting with you for hours to meet giveon or whatever his name was. I don't know what I will do without you next year. #beliebers 4 life and I hope you have a turtley awesome day
  • Kai Hudson we kind just became friends one day and who knew I would end up facetiming with you all of covid. I could never have survived highschool without you from our weird carpool trips to water fights at school. I am so grateful we became friends a few years ago and don’t know what i will do without you next year
  • Marlee, even though I'm not allowed to talk or come near you most of the time because I annoy you, you're still a pretty good sister. Don’t forget you can't turn my room into anything when I leave. Love you
  • Mom and Dad, thank you for everything these past years. I know I am a lot to handle and constantly bore you with my manatee or seal talk. I will miss you so much next year and love you guys. Thank you for everything that you have done for me these past few years.