Jordan Lee


Good morning.  My name is Jordan Lee, a senior here at RHP.


Let’s begin with a little story.  All of middle school, I wasn’t really the type to push myself in the classroom.  I had some A’s but I also had a few B’s during those years.  I was honestly just focused on playing basketball and hanging out.  So, once I got to high school, I felt I was capable of taking a few honors classes along with sports.  I was wrong.  My Freshman year ended up not being anything like I had hoped, I was put on JV for basketball and started off the academic year digging myself in a hole that was hard to get out of.  I spent every day being so tired and wanting to just quit basketball and school.  But, as my Freshman year carried on, I started to learn from my parents and other mentors of mine to push through the hardships because the end would be near and I would gain something from perseverance.  Once Covid-19 hit, I really had a chance to take a step back from doing so much at one time and reflect on what truly happened my Freshman year.  I realized how unprepared I was for high school.  And this leads into my life lesson.  Always prepare yourself for any new step you are about to take in life, whether it is before an exam all the way to something like preparing yourself before high school or college.  Preparation is the one thing that allows you to be comfortable in situations that may be new to you.  And with preparation comes perseverance, because if you are prepared for something in life you will have the confidence to persevere through the hardships that are thrown at you in life.  Now, I am a senior taking 3 APs and 3 honors classes along with playing varsity basketball.  I can truly say that preparation and perseverance over my high school years have allowed me to become who I am today.


Even though I just transferred here back in January, I can’t say enough to thank this wonderful school.  From the moment I stepped on campus and on the basketball court, I can say that I was welcomed with open arms.  All the teachers and students were really helpful in making sure I had a smooth transition into a new school, and I can truly say that I would not have received this type of support from any other school’s community.  I have even been blessed with the opportunity to be your ASB Vice President along with playing on the varsity basketball team.   


Now, I would like to give a few shoutouts to those who have helped me along my journey.

To Coach Kitani, thank you.  You have been one of the only mentors in my life to truly push me so that I can become the best possible version of myself on and off the court.  I know I have only been with you since last December but I feel like I have learned a lifetime worth of life lessons from you.  Thank you, truly, for giving us the answers to the test that is the world before us.  


To the basketball boys, you have done nothing but welcome me with open arms since I got here.  I will always remember joking around and playing ball with you guys the most.  Let’s go win us a championship this year! 


To my sister, Mackenzie, thank you for always being there for me.  You are the only person in this world who truly understands me and the struggles I go through.  Instead of thanking you honestly, I would rather just tell you how proud i am to be your brother, love u.


To my mom…I would be absolutely nothing without you.  You are everything and more that kids dream about in having a mom. You have always been my rock and you will always be the reason why I will give back to the community and family.


To my dad…I am just relieved you are healthy after everything we have gone through together in the past year.  From rebounding and yelling at me during my basketball workouts to just purely talking to me about life, you are always there and I am forever grateful for what you have given me in this life.


To God…thank you for giving me this life surrounded by a village of people who care about me, I will always trust in you and that you are leading me onto some path to help make the world a better place.


Thank you.