Tyler Obalek

Frank LLoyd Wright once said “The longer I live, the more beautiful life becomes.” The longer I’ve lived, beauty has been displayed in different forms.  As I grew older, my eyes saw the true beauty of the world.

Growing up, life was enjoyable, fun, carefree, and lax, but it was always missing something. I always had time to myself as I had no one to hang out with. I just had my books, my parents, and a passion for baseball. It was fun but too empty. The years of elementary school were a breeze except for minor inconveniences that everyone would go through. The tide turned however in the August of 2014. It was  a new frontier for me. I was going to be a middle schooler! The drive down PV Drive North had my gut spinning in more circles than the teacup rides at Disneyland. I didn’t feel good but the feeling would be temporary as it would subside then come back again. The first day went by smoothly to an extent as there was a multitude of fresh faces and chatter about Taylor Swift.  The first few years of middle school were just alright until eighth grade. 

Eighth grade would be the year to change me and that would have some defining moments.  I was excited for a chance to perform on stage again for the eighth grade play. That didn’t go to plan as there were more plans to be had .  But  had more of an exciting excursion planned for years in the making- a trip to Dubai and Japan. This had been planned for a while and I was beyond excited. I had quite a trip

After the trip the time would be flying by at breakneck speed as the dream of being a high schooler became a reality.  Spring became summer, and would trickle into my freshman year. Oh high school, I thought, where there are plenty of new people to meet and greet. I honestly feel that having friends is defined as beauty. I was meeting lovely people and that was the greatest moment of my life.

Throughout freshman year, business with our Conspiracy Club was booming. It was the most off-kilter club and often the club drew members during the occasional precipitation.  The rain would set the mood for me for the time we met together.

Going into sophomore year I had friends in tow and I had a new opportunity for me when I went from photo class to theatre class. It went well until December where a fracas ensued and it quickly became bad for the next few months. Friendships were torn like an amp cable with the wire all mangled. High school had its hiccups and that was a part of life becoming more beautiful. Junior year came around and all was well, the vibes were immaculate and spirits were high.  Junior year was going well until about January where friendships would be ramped up until they weren’t. The year would later be deemed possibly the worst year known to mankind. Hell ensued in more ways than one, I lost friendships, I was paranoid, my mental health wasn’t in the best shape,  it was awful, but beauty could be found as I had time to focus on what was right for me. Meditation and a chance to focus on good grades were possible and I couldn’t be more elated at the chance.

Now, nearly a year later,  many moons have passed. I sit here and I hope for a baseball season in which I can go to a game for the first time in an eon, and think that my senior year will come and go with many ups and downs. There’s nothing I can do besides say “it is what is”. Hope has not faltered, but certainly is running away like the time in this year. It is surely a thing of beauty that after six and a half years of senior speeches you all are hearing this today no matter the current circumstances. As I like to say to everyone, keep your stick on the ice. Thank you.