Celebrating Black History Month Virtually

Here are some great examples of classwork and curricular activities inspired by Black History Month:

In our Media Literacy Class, taught by Ms. Kandel-Scott studied an Exploration of Race in the Media. Students explored the Black Lives Matter Movement and Campaign Zero. 

In our Spanish III class taught by Ms. Rubin, our students are reading Felip Alou, by Carol Gaab.  The book is about Felipe Alou, a black athlete living in the Dominican Republic, and his inspiring journey to become a Major League Baseball player against all odds. 

Our Middle School Renaissance students, taught by Mr. Purdy are learning about the impact of prominent figures in Black History through vocabulary words.   

Students in our Renaissance Pre-Algebra class taught by Mr. Thomas were introduced to George Washington Carver, an American agriculture scientist. The class talked about his contribution to economic improvement for the rural south and how his love for plants led him to his famous inventions: soap, peanut oil, lotion, pancakes and motor oil. 

Our Theatre 1 class students taught by Mr. Robinson read A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry, the first African American playwright to have a play performed on Broadway. Additional students will be performing a scene from the play, all directed by a student. 

Ms. Gorman shared in her Spanish Language Acquisition Grade 6 class, Spanish Language Acquisition Grades 7/8 class, and in her Spanish II/II Honors classes that her students were introduced to Afro-Latinx singers, artists, and authors who have contributed in many ways to society both in the U.S. and Central and South America. Some people who have been studied include Celia Cruz, Beny Moré, and Ibeyi. The class starts with a daily culture fact about different Spanish-speaking countries, and many of those facts feature the traditional cuisine, dress, art, dances, of the wide variety of the Afro-Latinx population.  

Our Drawing and Painting 1 and 2 classes, and our Studio Art students taught by Ms. Rudolph are introduced to Black artists through our Artist of the Week Board.  


Don't forget to check out our videos from the NAIS Student Diversity Leadership Conference either!