Ella Pereira

Throughout high school, I have been lucky enough to learn the benefits of time management. I have always been a busy person juggling school, volleyball, and my social life. However, I enjoy having things to occupy my time. In the beginning of high school, I had difficulty staying on top of my time, life, and my activities. Now as a senior, I am able to finish most of my work before I even get home. This isn’t because I rush my work, but because I invest my break time and sometimes my lunchtime into doing my homework, so I don’t have to when I get home. This might not seem ideal for most, but I enjoy being able to go home and have dinner with friends but also play volleyball those same nights. I really do value my time with my friends, but also my grades. I was able to find a way that works best for me so I don’t have to give up parts of my social life or my sport. With time management skills, I have been able to reduce my stress levels and produce quality work, while also having leisure time.