Ben Franz

High school- it’s the best of times it’s the worst of times. It holds the most life-changing moments of your life so far. It’s the closest you are to leaving home and becoming an adult. It’s the point in time where you learn who you really are as a person and what you want to be in your life. You learn a lot of things about yourself during high school. I learned that I had an affinity for new things. I learned that learning new things was the best way to find hobbies that engaged me in interesting new ways. During my high school years, I have picked up a lot of new hobbies. Each of which stimulated and changed me in different ways, making me a better creator and introducing me to new people. 

Cinema taught me the importance of stories. Quentin Tarantino's three-hour long masterpiece “The Hateful Eight” really brought this too light. I learned that each camera shot, each piece of dialogue, matters to making the overall story excellent benefits to the story. This discovery helped me alter my art into different and better ways. Without me finding out about Tarantino I simply wouldn’t be the artist that I would be today.

Besides art, I have learned to truly love cooking. Previously cooking has always been something that I hated. But over the summer, I found Youtube tutorials teaching me how to cook Ramen. After becoming the Ramen God, I felt another new passion arise. I then transitioned into fried rice and then just into whatever I wanted to cook. I learned that cooking gives you such an immense satisfaction of making something genuinely good even if the dish is simple. From this, cooking has become a sort of therapy for me. If I ever have a hard or stressful day, I just cook something really good when I get home.

These are just two of the hobbies I’ve picked up recently. Through these hobbies, I learned how important it is to have different experiences and how important it is to see different perspectives. Besides my hobbies, I’ve joined the musical and football - becoming close with people whom I would’ve never seen myself with before. Mastering new skills brings a sense of joy to yourself and a sense of accomplishment. So, if you’re thinking of joining a club or a sport, try it. If your friends are joining a club, join them. Find new experiences that you can’t have at any other time in the world. What I recommend is that you make memories that last. In the end, that's all you’ll have from high school.