Marcus Chavez

Time. It feels like we have so much of it, yet we really have so little. Sometimes it can go by so fast, other times it goes so slow. As I’m sure you know, time needs to be managed properly, or else things start to go poorly. I suffer from this most as a senior so I thought it’d be perfect to use this as the subject of my speech. 

I encourage you to manage your time. You should allow time for yourself, but make sure you keep up as well with homework, studying and chores. Laziness or procrastination are both similar nightmares. I often would get lazy and not do homework. I thought it was never that big a deal, but then one procrastination would lead to another, and another, and another. As it continued, my grades began to drop, and drop, and drop. Literally, all of this happened because I was just too lazy to do it. Most of the time though, I would just put it off until the very last minute, either losing sleep, break time, and lunch time, just to turn in a sloppy assignment. I wasn’t really learning the lessons because I never did homework or the “practice” necessary for the lesson. Then I did poorly on the tests and so on and so forth. All in all, don't let laziness and procrastination take over and reflect poorly on you as a student. Don’t forget about time and remember to always stay ahead of it. Don’t forget to take time for yourself either.