Neil O'Reilly

It is hard to eat when you have a fat lip. It hurts to chew and you have to be careful not bite it. The real pain of a punch comes after the fight, until then, the adrenaline from the fight takes over and you can’t feel anything. One time my friend Estiven and I were play fighting when things got out of hand and he hit me in the face.
We were in an empty park. The sun was setting and it was quiet. We were getting ready to go down to the beach and surf until the sunset. Estiven and I would do this almost every other day during the summer, even if the waves weren't that big. The water was always clear and warm and sometimes we would see dolphins swimming, out past the buoys. It was very calming. Estiven and I liked to poke fun at each other and sometimes things could get out of hand but we would never fight. In the park, I jokingly said to Estiven “Wow bro, you have the smallest wetsuit ever.”
Estiven fired back with “Dude you wanna go?”
I said nothing, but with a smile on my face I threw a playful punch at his face, stopping myself before I hit him. Estiven got into a Karate stance and the fight ensued.
We were throwing wild punches, like rock em sock em robots. We made sure to never make contact with each other. We were fully suited in our wetsuits so it was pretty hard to move around and dodge the punches, it felt like our wetsuits were ovens and we were being cooked alive. The punches were slowing down and we were tired. I wanted to end the fight so I thought I would end it the way I always did, by putting Estiven in a headlock. I threw a punch at Estiven’s face and moved closer. Estiven had dodge my punch and went under my arms to throw an uppercut. The upper cut would've missed right in front of me, if I hadn’t been moving forward.
The punch made contact with my face. Three emotions ran through my body and were expressed through my facial expressions. At first I had a smile on my face, because I was having fun, then I realized what had happened and I was shocked. My face went from happy, to surprised, to angry. I had no idea why he would punch for no reason. After that the taste of blood filled my mouth and pain took over. I grabbed my face trying to feel where I had been hit. Estiven felt so bad he offered to let me punch him, but I declined. I couldn't punch one of my best friends, despite how badly I wanted to get him back. After that we made up and went down and surfed till the sunset .
Getting punched in the face hurts, my jaw was sore for at least three days. My lip was fat for a week, mainly because I keep on biting it whenever I ate. Despite Estiven punching me in the face, I moved on, I forgave him. It is easy to forgive someone, but it is hard to make new friends. You should never hold a grudge against someone, it will only take away from the experiences you will have in life.

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