Nicholas Blair

        Growing up I never really liked school. It was a challenge for me and I never really had the urge to do homework like many other students. I had no motivation to get good grades but it bothered me when I would get low grades on my homework and tests. On top of that I had this knack for judging people to quickly.
       When I came into ninth grade in Renaissance I didn’t know what to expect. Ninth grade was an interesting year. I didn’t really want to be in Renaissance or in any high school, but I was loud in class, had no clue what I was doing and I couldn’t find any motivation to do well in school.
        The classes that I had gotten used to in my last school were severely different from what I was being introduced to. All the teachers found a way to motivate me in ninth grade. I loved being in a class where I was urged to speak. They would give me good advice which I had never gotten from a teacher before. As ninth grade continued I didn’t have to worry about my homework because I was genuinely having fun doing it and later going over it in class. They urged me to do my best and I tried. In ninth grade I also had a lot of lectures. I would get a lecture from all my teachers but two in ninth grade lectured me the most:  Ms. Collins and Mr Spencer. I was not expecting to get a lecture once a week about something I did. I acted a certain way which caused me to get so many lectures, but I never really had a problem being sat down and told what I was doing and how I should fix it. This is by far the shortest summary of ninth grade I’ve given to anyone.
Ninth grade was a big learning experience for me and I will never forget, but in tenth grade I found an everlasting passion to do well in school 
        In tenth grade I knew that I wanted to do well in school  but I didn’t think I would like any of the subjects being taught. I had to take chemistry and was worried that I wouldn’t do well in the class. On the first week of class I thought that the chemistry teacher was a little weird . . .  a bit boring. However, every class I went to I started to enjoy the class even more. Dr. T’s passion for chemistry made the classes fun. He even allowed Max’s idea of making a smoke bomb. Some class days were more interesting than others but he made me realize that not all classes are fun, but if you participate in the class it will become more interesting.  I didn’t expect Dr. T. to leave an everlasting impression on me in school. Even though at first I thought he was weird, he turned out to influence me the most because of how passionate he was about his class.
        Eleventh grade was a fun year. Hanging out with my friends and being able to drive was by far the best aspect of eleventh grade, not the homework. I remember going out on the night of formal, driving with Max, Ian, Paolo, and Trevor, being loud and having a blast. We all got bored and decided to “crash formal.” We parked the F-150, walked up to the window and decided to knock on it and wave Hi! to everyone in the room. We all had a good laugh then left the hotel.
Not having to worry about school is nice, but there does come a time when you need to sit down and get your work done
        Twelfth grade has been interesting so far. College applications have been a pain. Having to sit down for hour on end working on essay, hours on end is boring. By now high school has gotten pretty easy for me,  but I still get lectures, and I am still finding new passions, and I'm loving all my adventures with my friends especially California City.
I’m excited for the future and hope everyone will do well. Oh, and I can't wait for mammoth, that will be fun.  

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