Christopher Kent

Hi everyone! Over the past 5 years, I have imagined many senior speech scenarios, whether it was a musical number or a speech comprised of multiple different languages. As someone who has been here since 8th grade, I know that hearing senior speeches might not be your cup of tea.  That’s why this speech is just gonna be shoutouts, because we all know that that part is the best. So, let’s get on with the show!
Everyone: Thanks to everyone who has been my friend for the past 5 years. Going to a school with 300 other people has been a big change, but I have enjoyed every day of it. I know I have a unique personality, but I hope that all of you learned at least one new thing every week.
Class of 2018: For a class of 41, making friends is fun and easy.  I’ve had the pleasure to know all of you, and though I may not show it, you all are my best friends. And we better have a school reunion!
Renaissance Students: What could I say to all of you? Good luck, and may the odds ever be in your favor. To the Renaissance class of 2018- We made it. FFNR was my kind of ROFL. 9 man and (2 woman) strong, we conquered and pushed through all.
Renaissance Teachers: Speaking of Renaissance, thank you so much. I’ve spent countless hours in room 42 A, B, and C, and without all of you, I would not know what getting an ‘A’ in school is.
Hollander, Nikki, and Kandace: You all brighten my day, every day.  Thanks for coming to all the Travel Club meetings and making me laugh.
Paige and Maxx: Thanks for all the talks during ASP. REN is fun with you two.
Mr. Spencer: Thanks for enduring five years of “Where do I print?” or “This computer isn’t working!” among other things I won’t say out loud. You have given more advice than I can handle.
Flamini & Tanya: Thanks for being a great addition to the student council.  
Ms. A: I never had you as a teacher, but it was so cool to have you as my camp counselor for a bunch of years and then finally being a counselor with you. Also, thanks for 9th grade when I wanted to get super thin and you made me run laps on the field. It didn’t work, but I appreciate the effort.
Ms. Patterson: You never truly realize the full effect of something like a mass shooting until someone you knew is hurt by it. Ms. Patterson, I didn’t know you that well, but something someone like me can never forget is spirit. I can distinctly remember You at the school football games, cheering louder than even the cheer team. Your spirit is one of the reasons why I am trying to encourage more attendance at school events.  I thank you for all the love you gave.
Ms. K: I don’t remember much from 8th grade photo, but I do remember Media Club, which was one of the best clubs I was ever in. Thank you for teaching me how to edit videos!
Mr. Williamson: Reading books has never been my thing, and I will probably never pick up one again, and so I’m not gonna highlight my 10th grade English class. Instead, I’d like to recognize your work as Debate Club’s long and fearless advisor. We have had some very interesting topics, whether it was sending Syrian Refugees to Mars or recreating neanderthals in the real world, but no matter how loud it got, or how many emotional walkouts I’ve had, I loved every bit of it. Thanks for always being the devil’s advocate to add more to our debates.
Ms. Dyment, Ms. Balliet, Ms. Taylor: Thank you all so much for helping me through the college applications and essays. It’s hard to brag about yourself in 350 words, but you all made that process fun and worthwhile.
Ms. Taylor: Thank you for being the travel club advisor for all these years. I always loved hearing about your humanitarian efforts and vacation memories. I hope you enjoy your next trip to some place on the globe!
Ms.Karp: My favorite type of pie is apple 3.1415926535897932384626433.
Gablehouse: GableHouse! You are one of the “best” math teachers I’ve ever had! Thanks for introducing Kahoot to this school, because class would have been super boring without it. Also, thanks for buying the leftover donuts every week. Student Council would be poor without your support.
Ms. Sher, Ms. Ward, Mr. Bass, Mrs. Burrell, Mrs. Kitani, Mr. Tillson, Mr. Cameron, Ms. Morris and all the School Administration: You have never been my teachers, but I’ve definitely learned a lot from all of you. Mr. Tillson and Ms. Burrell, thank you for sharing your experiences in the travel industry with me. I know that I’m gonna love working at the airport soon!
Ms. Alcott: You are the Husky Queen. With your tagline, “Welcome to RHP & Renaissance Schools how may I help you” you are the light on this campus. Thanks for always helping me with whatever I needed.
Haters: If you’ve been here since I was in 9th grade, then y’all know what I like to say to the haters. Yes, the haters need to back off. However, haters are my motivators. Thanks to them for spending time hating on me, but at the end of the day, the haters need to what? *Back off!*
Wratschko:  Thank you and Ms. PD for being amazing student council advisors. I’m so happy with how our events have turned out. Hope you are having fun with your baby.
PD: You should really charge people to listen to their issues, because if you did with me, you’d be rolling in the dough. The traffic on the 405 doesn’t even compare to the emotions that came out of me. Thanks for being the person that I could talk to when the going got tough. I thank you for all the diversity you have encouraged on this campus.
Hagee: Oops! I mean Mr. Probst! Honors Gov Econ has been so much fun with you!  It’s so exciting to geek out historically, and I am so thankful for the current event days. You are an inspiration to me, and I am so happy to have the best history teacher ever.
Maestra Rubin: Hola! Gracias for being the best Spanish teacher I could ever have! You have helped every single one of us go through learning a language, something that is super hard, and have always been there for help and for everything in between. I promise to use what I’ve learned when I travel.
Ms. Graue and Mr. Rancont: You two have been a big part of my music life. Ms Graue, I remember all the songs from Chorus, (or Choir), even the “Too Hot to Samba” from 8th grade. Mr. Rancont, I know that I can be sassy and loud, but thank you for picking somewhat decent songs for us to sing.
Mrs. Goodspeed: Thank you for being the director who made us better people, and characters, in all the shows I got to do. This year was difficult, but I am so happy with the performance we made and am so happy that you were there to show us what acting is really all about. I am so happy to have the opportunity to take Theatre Class after all these years.
Student Council: What I’ve taken from being in Student Council is that being the leader is so hard. Sometimes when the going gets tough, it gets tougher, and the world flips over. However, I’d like to thank everyone who was there to help add ideas and keep the flow going. We still have Formal and prom, so let’s do this thing!
Travel Clubbers: Thank you to everyone who has come to at least one of our club meetings. It’s been fun to discuss topics, try new foods, watch documentaries, and make new friends. I’ve come to realize that clubs don’t last forever, but they sure are fun to be a part of while they last!
Manuiti, The Polynesian princess: Whether it was tennis, the plays, or the musicals, you have always been the upperclassman who is the inspiration for all of us. I know you are killing it as the Ambassador to France!
Frances: Speaking of France, there is someone who is dedicated and amazing at something she didn’t have to be. Frances, for all 4 years of high school, you spent countless hours working all the technicals that go into a show, which is a lot. Your work ethic inspires me, and I am so glad to have gotten to know you, whether it was you texting me to move my car because I was in your ‘spot’ or not knowing how to work a ‘spot’ in a show!
Ms. Y: Many of you might not know who she is, but she is someone who has been at school every single day since 8th grade. You are the most punctual person I know, because out of all the 3 years of driving us, you have only been late once. And we still made it to school on time that day. Thank you for giving me that driving life advice and on behalf of all students on the bus, we hope that you don’t spill any of our secrets.
Ribaudo & Acosta: You have both been my advisor for 2 years. Thanks for doing whatever an advisor does always. Like sometimes too much. You cared too much. But thanks for always having a room for me and Estefani to spill all the tea in.
Joe: I remember touring here, and one of the first things I wondered when I entered Ms. Johnston’s room is, “Why is there a kid with a beard in here?” Your comments during our debates and discussions have always made debates more fun!
Emma: I’ve only known you for these past couple months, but you are literally the kindest person I know. Like suspiciously kind. No matter, you are a shining star and I am so happy that I met you.
Jade: OMG! Jade, ever since you got on that bus, I knew that we would be friends. You are the best photographer I know, and thank you for taking my senior pics for me. I know you’ll be slaying the world soon.
Garrett AKA Papa Ge: You probably weren’t expecting a shoutout. We’ve kind of been in the same things for the past 4 years, and yet we really only talk for seconds. Thanks for being a cool guy in the musicals. Your talkative and loud personality in C Block REN always annoys me.
Simmone: I’m so happy to have come full circle with you and got to know you better senior year. Whether it was the Fall Play/One Act debacle, or Theatre class, I’m glad we have stuck together when we could’ve just given up. Yaoi Buddies forever!
Kimi: I am so glad to call you family. You always are the one to laugh with all the time, and you were a great friend to me my first year here. I know I haven’t seen you in awhile, but I’m so happy that you are back so we can spend more time together. Love you!
Kellanne: Second Day of 8th grade. The first day on the bus. I’m sitting on the bench and I see someone dropping someone off. Thank god for having him put us at the same stop. We’ve endured Spanish for two years, and have had our 5 minute talks before the bus pulls up, and so I wanted to say thanks for actually chatting with me instead of putting in your headphones.
Stacy: It’s been 4 years. We have made it. I feel like you are secretly annoyed with me on the inside like most of the time, but you are that one friend who is always positive. Thanks for keeping me sane in English. You’re gonna be my tour guide when I go to China, okay?
Austin: We have been feuding since Day 1. I can still remember the first day of 10th grade, where we literally started fighting over the summer reading book. Literally we were debating over the book, the Nature Principle. Regardless, debating and talking with you has always been an adventure, because you never know how it’s gonna turn out. We may always be constantly arguing, but you are a great person, and I know that you're gonna be our next state senator. And maybe I’ll vote for you.
Ian: I don’t know what college is gonna be like, but what I do know is that there won’t be someone jumping on tables screeching during class. You are a fun weirdo, and thanks for always answering the Travel club trivia questions.
Trevor: You are my go-to guy for talking all things politics. I will never forget the shouting match we had with a Trump supporter at Politicon. Thanks for all the fun moments and for dealing with my liberal rants. Also, country rap…?
Nicole: You are the early bird out of all the early birds. HSO class was a bore sometimes, but it was awesome to have a friend who was interested in economics and stuff like that. I am so happy that you came to RHP, and thanks for always being a great friend.
Christopher Platte: When you walked into theatre last year, and Ms. Goodspeed introduced you as Christopher, I was like “ughhhhh why does there have to be another Christopher. This is just gonna get super confusing and annoying.” But then when you opened your mouth, I was like, “What! Two Gay Chris’s? What is life?!?!?” Even though you can be annoying and are like half deaf, you are one of my best friends forever. If I could death drop, I would right now on stage but y’all know I am not that flexible, so I’ll just reverse that and drop dead!
Natalie: Natalie, there is so much to say, so I’ll probably save it for our phone calls. I wouldn’t and I am so happy to have been Co-Spirit Commissioner with you. It’s crazy that you can lift more than me, and that you sometimes have more energy in you than me.  I know you’re going places, so you can count on my endorsement!
Katie: WestChester BestChester! Thank you for enduring high school with me. You have helped me remember what the homework was every single time. You are the ‘lit-est’ queen ever, keep slaying the game and raking it up. You can have the dibs on the drummer!
Sabrina: I think I can officially call you my girlfriend/wife/whatever. You have literally been my significant other in 5 different plays or musicals. Unfortunately, you were my first kiss, and still my only one. No matter what, you have always been a great person, and so thank you for being one of my best friends.
Ms. Collins: Wow, there are too many things to say but so little time. You’ve been my REN teacher for four years, and without you, I would not be where I am academically and emotionally. Thanks for all the laughs and cries and all the quotes and memes that have been posted inside the room. College won’t be the same without you.
Maria and Devyn: If laughing really makes you live longer, we will never die. It didn’t even have to be funny, and we would still literally die from laughter. Without you here, you can hear pins drop in the REN Room. Let’s just say that we never got that much work done. Maria, I am so happy that you sang randomly with me, and taught me the bad words in spanish that class never taught me. Devyn, I would never had been able to get through highschool without you. Thanks for always cheering me up and we better work at BJ’s together just to get that employee discount on a pizookie.
Tongtong: For two years, you have been my captain or pilot or anything travel related. I know that without you, Travel Club would not have been as successful as it has become. You are amazing and I am so glad to have met you. You are across the country from me, but I feel like we are always seeing each other. Thanks for introducing me to soup dumplings. I love you Tongtong.
Ms. Ramirez: I can still remember the Husky sunday letter that was asking for students to help with social media and school advertising the summer before 9th grade. Little did I know, I would be meeting with my role model. One of the worst days ever was when you said you were leaving your job here to start your business. Tom and I were seriously worried about your mental health, because all we knew were that you were leaving a stable job to go and start a company called Sharespark that would help the world.  However, I am relieved to see the successes that you and your company have been having, and thank you for letting me intern for you.
Lauren: I still remember Voice Class, 9th grade, when we were outside singing random songs, when I asked you when your birthday was, and you said March 31. I thought you were joking because I was thinking in my head “ birthday is March 31.” I was so shook, (and the word shook wasn’t even a thing back then) and ever since that day, we have been the bestest of friends. Thanks for being my go to duet partner whenever a performance came around.
Estefani and Amber: You two are apart of my family. I’ve loved every second we spend together, and I have enjoyed everything we have done. Thanks for all the great memories, and while I know we will be apart from each other next year, I will always love you two.
Estefani: Thank you for all the love you gave me ever since 8th grade, when I walked into school an emotional wreck who made more enemies than friends. We’ve persevered through so much, #firstworldproblems, whether it was outdoor ed or just coming to school.  I get annoyed at you for always being late to hangouts, but it’s all worth it in the end. Our code names bring me joy, and our instagram DM’s make me laugh every day.  I’m so happy to have a friend like you, and I know that you are gonna be the best doctor there is!
Amber Renee: We made it! After all the years of everything literally, we are seniors. You have been the rock for me when the times got rough, and by rough I mean when the Mcdonald’s ran out of ice cream. You are that one person that when something is happening in class, I can look over to you, and without saying anything, we both know what it is all about. Whether it was Glee, Miranda Sings, Hamilton, Rupaul's Drag Race, or literally anything else, you’ve been there to laugh, cry, and just be with. Fall Plays and musicals would be boring without you. You are the Betty to my Ed, the Jeannie to my Brenda, the Kennedy to my Danny, and the Miranda to my Joey. Thank you so much and I am so happy that I met you. Love you!
Mom Dad and Daniel
Daniel: You are my brother. You are an awesome one. We don’t talk about feelings because it's weird, but you’re awesome and it's cool that you're my brother. Okay cool that’s it because I don’t wanna cry on camera.
Mom and Dad: Thank you for everything that you have done for me. Thank you for paying all that tuition money for school that I will pay back to you, I promise! Dad, if you didn’t show me music, I wouldn’t have ever touched a trombone or sung for fun. Mom, if you never taught me how to cook sukiyaki and meatloaf, I probably would have cup noodles for dinner every day. Dad, if you weren’t the one to teach me how to drive, I would have probably crashed already. Mom, thank you for enduring so much pain while giving birth to me, because honestly I would probably have said no, I am done right now, the baby is gonna have to wait. While I definitely will still make mistakes, I still love you so much for loving me for who I am.
Thank you all so much.

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