Kody Nohara

I was five. Every day after school, I would go to the YMCA because my parents couldn’t pick me up. I hated it there. I wanted to be home in the comfort of my mom’s arms or watching TV with my dad, but I couldn’t because they were always working.
There was one day I remember so specifically above the rest. School ended and I stood in line for my teacher to walk us to the “Y.” I wore the same sad frown on my face as the other students lined up. I looked towards the parking lot, but instead, I saw a figure behind a tree. The figure slowly waltzed out from the shadows, and I saw her outline. It was my mom. Joy and delight filled my heart as I ran over and threw my arms around the warmth of her body. We went home and spent the rest of the afternoon together. That day, I was the happiest boy on Earth.
Every day after school for the rest of the year, I would check the same tree she had been hiding behind because I was hoping she would surprise me again. And every day after school for the rest of the year, I would cry because she wasn’t there waiting for me.
Mom, you didn’t have to leave work early to get me, but you did. This was just one example showing me how you always go out of your way to make sure I am happy. You constantly sacrifice your time and energy for the good of the family. I know, I continuously take you for granted and I never tell you that I love you or that I appreciate you, so I want to take the time now to do it.
Thank you for all the miles spent flying and driving to every one of my basketball games, practices, tournaments, and workouts every weekend. You always made sure I was up on time and that all my uniforms were washed and prepared the night before. Thank you for the countless nights and hours you spent with me out in the cold, rebounding for me and shooting around with me. Thank you for always volunteering your time for my teams: coaching, helping out at tournaments, volunteering yourself to be parent rep, and taking other kids to the games and back home.  
Thank you for waking up every single morning and packing me a lunch before you go to work. People make fun of me sometimes for having the same lunch every day but as long as you’re making it, I’ll continue to eat it.
Thank you for being the overprotective mother you are and always tracking me everywhere I go. You always send me directions to places I’m unfamiliar with and ask if I’m okay when I’m not home before curfew. And sorry I always break curfew and I hardly ever text you when I’m coming home but I’m working on it.
Thank you for spoiling me with so many things I don’t deserve. You always make sure I am happy and that our family is able to live the most comfortable life possible.
Thank you for showing me what hard work ethics look like. You get back home from work just to do more work to make sure you’re on top of things. You never slack off in anything you do, whether that means with work, coaching, or being a mother. You are the hardest worker I know.
Thank you for showing me what selflessness really means. When we eat out with others, you always pay the bill. You help your sisters with every problem they have. You take my car and occasionally fill it up with gas. You constantly give and give and expect nothing in return.
Thank you for just supporting me in everything I do. Thank you for being there for me when I need you the most. And thank you for letting me make mistakes, then teaching me every life lesson I have ever learned.
The definition of a supermom is a mother who successfully manages a household and cares for her children while holding a job and being active in her community. You perfectly embody that role. Words cannot describe how thankful and proud I am to have you as my mother. And I’m sure many people here have a supermom or superdad or a superguardian. Tell them how grateful you are to have them, because at the end of the day, no matter how hard you try to believe that they are only out to get you, they will always love you and put your needs before theirs. If they didn’t love you or care for you, they wouldn’t drive you to school every day, or feed you dinner every night, or give you money to use when you hang out with your friends, and you definitely wouldn’t be here attending this school. So find whoever you need to thank, because they deserve it.

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