Katie Maire

What is perspective? It’s something that I always keep in mind. I like to think outside the box because I think differently. It’s not easy for me to get good grades, but I do anyway. I push myself so hard that I get so stressed out if I don’t have an A in my classes. I’m sorry to all my teachers. I ask a lot of questions because it helps me understand the concept better.
Freshman year I was a complete mess, I couldn’t control my impulses, thoughts, actions. I was majorly struggling. Renaissance helped me through the hard times, and I think that it made me a better person.  Most people just think you’re some wild hyper kid that can’t focus, we kinda are. But Renaissance has helped me grow in more ways than you think.  I have a lot of things to be thankful for but one of them is this school.I don’t think I would be able to do well as I had at a different school. I was diagnosed with visual and auditory processing disorder and anxiety. Something that not a lot of people know unless they have anxiety is that it’s totally hard to learn to control. It’s a red flag going off constantly in your head.
Mostly it’s school-related anxiety, which means I’m worried about my grades. I’m not always in a good mood because I don’t like giving away how I’m feeling. It makes me feel vulnerable. I’ve come a long way from middle school and freshman year. I’ve had a life that has many ups and downs. I know that there is always someone who will help me when I need it.
I’m pretty independent when it comes to my workflow, but I still need some help with brand new concepts. I had to learn to take the advice people give to me, also I had to learn that having someone edit my work is a good thing. I also have this very curious part of me. I love science and history. Here’s a first: I actually like school. Learning seems cruel to every teenager. But for me, it opens my horizons and helps me grow. Because I learn differently, and I retain everything and I like to think of it as an advantage more than a disadvantage. It never brings my spirit down because I’m always happy to be at school and learn. I put passion and effort in my work and everything I do. My skill, I guess, could be how much time I spend doing my work, editing it, while keeping my grades up.
I’ve done a lot of things to help people in my life, like Costa Rica trip, or my gold award, which has really impacted my life. I have this burning passion for meteorology which is not the average major. Not everyone survives the course in college because it’s so academically rigorous. It’s a challenge that I am willing to take. It’s something that makes me happy to think about.
The message to all of you is to live in the moment and enjoy high school, and just because you learn differently doesn’t mean you can’t overcome an obstacle.

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