Damon Sun

I long to understand everything around me. Light bulbs shine because electricity does more work on the high electric resistance filament, creating enormous amounts of heat that make the filament shine. Mosquito bites itch because a type of protein that is released by our body to cure the wound reacts with the saliva from mosquitos, making the wound itchy. Fever itself is not a disease. It is your immune system raising your body temperature to eliminate a virus. There are countless, common phenomena that people refer to as “truth” that has an unknown reason behind them.
Science is the key to understanding this.
Books first introduced me to the world of science. The first scientific book I read was a kid’s book that explained the systems and organs of the human body using comics and simple words. It changed me from a parasite that accepted everything I was told to a living creature who could judge. If I got a stomach ache, I knew it was probably a gastro-spasm and I should stop drinking iced beverages. The ability to analyze led to a verdict, which was exciting.
I always think of our planet as a painting. If the painter draws apples as purple, creatures in the world of that painting will think apples are supposed to be purple. In contrast, if we humans see a purple apple in front of us, we will be scared. We will be wondering what is wrong with this apple because its appearance is against the “rules.” But what is the “rule?”
It’s science.
Science was like the one who does the painting. The way everything looks, everything feels, everything functions, is determined by science. It created us; it created a well-managed world for us; it pressed the button and, boom, everything originated from a cell. Science is not that glass is inelastic or fiber is hydrophilic; it is the molecular structure that makes glass inelastic and makes fiber hydrophilic. The whole universe is built up upon science. Therefore, the study of science is the only path to discover the mystery of the universe, and perhaps, discover what is outside the universe. It is so exciting that I can’t resist.
Science not only makes us understand the world better, it also helps us understand our minds. I agree that our emotion blasts our world with a variety of feelings, but it more often misleads us to wrong perception. And it is essential for us to know about our subconscious bias. For example, people who we hang out with appear preferable to those who we don’t, because our mind tells us that our friends are similar to us. Or, we tend to blame external forces more than internal reasons when we fail to achieve our goal: “I failed the test because my neighbor was so loud yesterday night that I couldn’t fall asleep.” However, if these things happen, it doesn’t mean that we are bad. Our brain is constructed this way. So to avoid these biases, and to judge ourselves in a objective perspective, we first need to know at least what is misleading ourselves, which is science.
Science is a miraculous gift from our ancestors. Bacon said knowledge is power. Respectfully, I would like to change that phrase to “science is power.”

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