The Advisory Program is an important part of RHP's commitment to helping every student succeed. Every student at RHP has his or her own advisor, a teacher who takes a continuing special interest in the student's academic and social welfare and is the primary informational contact between parents and the school.

Students meet in small groups with their advisor at the beginning of most school days and for a longer period at least once a week; time is also available for individual meetings as needed. Perhaps the most valuable contacts are those that are less formal and unscheduled, that occur just in passing or when a student needs to reach out for advice and appropriate guidance, or to find an advocate in a challenging situation.

At the most basic level the advisor monitors academic and extracurricular involvement and progress and responds to student or parent requests for meetings. In cases of personal, academic, or disciplinary problems, the advisor communicates promptly with parents and convenes conferences as appropriate. Subject teachers are encouraged to supplement the communication efforts of the advisor by contacting parents directly, while keeping the advisor informed of such conversations. This system allows a combination of direct communication and collation of information.

In Middle School, students have a different advisor in grade 6 than they do in grades 7 and 8 because we believe during these years it is most important that the advisor is concurrently teaching the student in an academic subject. In the upper school, the student's advisor stays with him or her during all four years until graduation, which allows a longer-term relationship to develop between advisor and student, who get to know each other very well during this extended time. Often advisors and students remain in contact for many years after graduation.

"When I found out that you were to be my advisor, I was thrilled. I love your caring and sweet personality. I felt you truly cared about how I was developing as not only an artist but also as a person... Thanks for everything you've done. I won't ever forget it!" -RHP Alum

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Rolling Hills Prep School prides itself on being a forward-looking, academically rigorous college-prep school with a soul. Every day we provide our diverse student body a high-powered traditional curriculum combined with stimulating and innovative teaching techniques both inside and outside the classroom because we believe that success in college and life is best attained by equipping our students with disciplined minds, sound character, healthy bodies and creative spirits. RHP is a private, coeducational day school for grades 6-12, located on the Palos Verdes Peninsula in Los Angeles, CA.

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