Upper School Student Council

List of 6 items.

  • President, Arianna K.

    As Upper School Student Council President, I embody the school. My role in student council is to not only model the school as a whole but to also engage the students into participating in events. The school becomes very familiar with my face at morning meetings, on Mondays and Fridays, for the high school. I think the most important role as President is not only to maintain the Student Council, but to monitor each core member to see if everything that is needed to be taken care of, is taken care of. Communication, Responsibility, and Organization are the most important factors that help make my role as President important. But when it comes to other things, I look forward to leading the Council in planning fun events such as Pi Day, or Spirit Week themes, and of course finding venues for formals and Prom!
  • Vice President, Gabrielle B.

    My position as Vice President is to assist the President in leading student council and the student body. My job includes helping new students acclimate into our school. I help to organize, find venues, and advertise for the three upper school dances. I help lead the school in Spirit Week. I help to create fun activities for our school like Candy Grams, Pi Day, and Pep Rallies.  
  • Secretary, Karen Y.

    In student council, secretary is a position for people who love organizing and keeping things in order. Basically, I need to attend every meeting and make sure to keep track of the notes and people’s ideas. If anything becomes disorganized or anyone forgets something, I need to trace back to the notes. Also, since sometimes people might miss the meetings, I have the responsibility to inform everyone what they need to know, whether through posting the notes on Facebook or texting them individually. 
  • Spirit Commissioner, Mollie C.

    As Spirit Commissioner, I focus on getting the student body involved. I let the school know about upcoming events such as games, pep rallies, shows and other school events. It is not just my job to inform the students of when events occur but to get them excited and motivated to attend these events. I raise the school spirit around campus to promote all the events that are to come. Go Huskies! 
  • Treasurer, Doris Y.

    As the treasurer of student council, I am in charge of the budget of every event, such as formal and prom. I also need to think of good fundraisers to maintain our budget in good balance. For example, I need to help come up with some weekday selling ideas. In addition, I help the president and vice president to make improvements in student council. My goal is to give the most benefits to the Husky community and make RHP full of spirit and fun.
  • International Ambassador, Ken M.

    As International Ambassador, I take on the duty of making the RHP campus more multi-nationally friendly. I am in charge of notifying international students of upcoming events and getting in touch with how these events will be held. I also want to express my imagination during morning meetings to make RHP’s student body more aware of what is going on in the world and touch base with the general student body. I also would like to make a new type of committee under my leadership to call upon Huskies to become disciplined. By discipline I mean to just show an ideal Husky and do my very best to lead my role as a representative of the student body. 

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