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Thank you for your interest in Rolling Hills Preparatory School. As you and your family make plans to study in the United States, we look forward to working with you through the application process. 


Our international students comprise between 10 and 15 percent of our total student population.  We feel that a small international program allows our international students to fully integrate into our school community, gain rich educational experience, and form friendships with both fellow international students and American students. Our international students have come from Japan, China, Taiwan, Vietnam, South Korea, Colombia, Spain, Italy, France, Tahiti, Germany, Australia, and more.


We invite you to visit us should you find yourself in the Los Angeles Metro area.


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International students at Rolling Hills Preparatory School engage in rigorous academic coursework.  We offer over 30 AP courses and honors courses as well as three specialized diplomas in the following subject areas: Arts, Global Studies and World Languages, and Math/Science Honors.  Students in our specialized diploma programs "major" in a field of study and these programs strengthen students’ college applications as they go above and beyond our standard graduation requirements.


Students work closely with our college counseling team starting from the ninth grade in order to find the college of best fit.  Our recent international students boast SAT scores ranging from 1350-1510, and an impressive list of college acceptances including: University of Southern California (USC); New York University; University of California at Santa Barbara, San Diego, and Irvine; Boston University; University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign; Purdue University; University of Massachusetts, Amherst and beyond.


International students have access to a range of academic, social/emotional, and personal support throughout their time at our school.  Each student has a dedicated faculty advisor with whom they meet with each morning. The advisor oversees students’ academics as well as their co-curricular activities and emotional well-being.  Small class sizes, a full-time school counselor and a Director of Student Life, a dedicated International Program Coordinator, bilingual teachers in Mandarin and Spanish, and a caring faculty and staff are all highly regarded features of the international program at our school.


International students receive academic support in a variety of ways including our biweekly After School Program where students work in small groups or one-on-one with current teachers on their school work.  Additionally, international students in the English Learner Program benefit from a support class that meets three times a week and provides support for their academic work from an English language learning specialist.  The school provides high caliber SAT test-prep courses for all 10th and 11th graders. Students also can work with peer tutors if they are more comfortable getting support from fellow students. In fact, as our international students progress through their high school careers, many become peer tutors themselves, which allows for wonderful opportunities to demonstrate and develop leadership skills and practice English. 


Students have the opportunity to develop their passions and interests by participating in our extensive visual and performing arts offerings, STEM and robotics programs, and 14 varsity sports.  Students can join or start one of our many school clubs, participate in student leadership opportunities and community service projects. 

Rolling Hills Prep School prides itself on being a forward-looking, academically rigorous college-prep school with a soul. Our mission is to develop in our students' disciplined minds, sound character, healthy bodies, and creative spirits. We celebrate our diversity through the creation of individualized pathways for each student that addresses their passions, talents, and needs.


  • Founded in 1981
  • STEM and award-winning robotics program
  • Over 30 Advanced Placement and Honors courses
  • Specialized diplomas in Arts, Global Studies/World Language, and Math/Science
  • Extensive visual and performing arts offerings
  • Six middle school sports and 14 high school sports, with a no-cut policy → anyone can play!
  • International students SAT scores range from 1350 to 1510 in recent years
  • International student college acceptances include University of Southern California (USC); New York University; University of California at Santa Barbara, San Diego, and Irvine; Boston University; University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign; Purdue University; University of Massachusetts, Amherst and beyond.
  • Small international program lets international students immerse themselves in the American educational experience
  • Faculty advisor and advisory program for academic and social, emotional support
  • “Green” campus in Los Angeles, near the beach, mountains, downtown LA, UCLA, USC, and Los Angeles International Airport 
  • Leadership opportunities and internship program
  • Service Learning programs
  • Average class size: 12-14
  • Teacher/Student ratio: 7:1
  • I-20 F-1 visa granting school
  • International Club where students enjoy lunch with other students, plan and celebrate cultural events including Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Lunar New Year, and take field trips to explore the local area.
  • Open and regular parent communications with International Student Coordinator through WeChat, Whats App, and email.
  • College Counselor with expertise in international college admissions
  • Counseling and student life programming to support students focused on culture shock, homesickness, host family relationships, and adjusting to a new educational system.
  • Summer Orientation Program: A required three-day program for new international students prior to the start of the school year helps students get to know our school campus and community. Students take English and math placement exams, select their classes, visit local sights (e.g. attend a baseball game, visit the beach), meet new and returning students, and beyond.

We accept applications throughout the year on a rolling basis depending on space availability.


Application Requirements

  • A completed application and application fee ($125). 
    • Click here for the online application.
    • The online application will provide instructions for collecting transcripts and school recommendations.
  • English Language exam - Please see the "Language Testing" section below.
  • Student interviews are held via WeChat, Skype, or Zoom.

Please submit any necessary documents as directed using our online application.

All international students applying for admission to grades 6-12 must take one of the following exams to be considered for admission. 


NOTE: We are aware that TOEFL tests have been canceled and postponed due to the recent outbreak of the coronavirus. Until TOEFL tests resume, we will accept the Duo Lingo English Test in lieu of the TOEFL. Please find information about this test here:





For 6th-9th graders, TOEFL Jr. or iTEP SLATE-PLUS also accepted


The recommended scores for Rolling Hills Preparatory School are listed below. An official score report is required for admission consideration.  For TOEFL-iBT, please use the following code to send your scores to our schools: 3226.
12 6 NA 95 7.0 C1
11 5.5 NA 79 or above 6.5 B2
10 5.0 NA 70 or above 6.0 B2
9 3.9 750 or above 42 or above 5.0 B1
6-8 3.5 700 or above NA NA A2


Rolling Hills Prep offers an English language learning program for international students who are still developing their academic English reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills. Students receive intensive English instruction and support through a variety of course offerings, based on their English language proficiency. Features of the ELL program include:

  • Four levels of English language learning courses
  • After School Program: Students work on campus to complete homework and get support from teachers on their school work.  Students are in classrooms by grade level and can get help from other available teachers based on their needs.
  • Support classes: Students work one-on-one or in small groups with an English language learning specialist
  • Accommodations on tests and exams: Students enrolled in the ELL program qualify to receive 50% extended time on all tests and exams, including the SAT. Students are also allowed to receive translated directions and use an approved bilingual dictionary. The use of testing accommodations is optional for ELL students.

Rolling Hills Preparatory international students live in a host family environment throughout their time at our school.  International students have the choice of locating their own host family or letting us find a suitable host family for you through our established homestay program. 

Finding a safe, warm, and comfortable home for your student is our top priority.  Our host families provide a welcoming environment to ease the student’s transition to the school. They provide 2-3 meals per day, transportation, a quiet single room conducive to studying, and a caring family environment.  Host parents attend parent events including parent-teacher conferences and Back-to-School night and are in regular communication with the school about their student’s academic and emotional well-being.

All of our host families undergo a thorough investigation process including:

  • A background check and fingerprinting
  • A tuberculosis risk assessment
  • Review of motor vehicle and driving records. 
  • Home inspection 
  • Application
  • Interview

For more detailed information on the requirements of our host families, click below for our Homestay Placement Standards and Responsibilities.

Rolling Hills Prep does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, ethnic or national origin, religion, disability, gender, or sexual orientation in the administration of its admission and educational policies, financial aid program, or athletic and other school-administered programs.
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