STEM Showcase 2021

STEM Showcase
The videos and image galleries below contain some highlights of various STEM projects that have taken place in classes and independent study throughout the year.
Mr. Brammah- Physics Projects
The videos in the playlist below contain two class projects from Mr. Brammah's Physics course. One project demonstrated concepts related to heat transfer, whereas the others depict a balloon car project in motion after three iterations, learning Newton’s Laws in between.
Ms. Tescher - Chemistry Projects
The videos and images below depict projects and experiments conducted in Ms. Tescher's chemistry class.
Ms. Mundy - Biology Projects
Ms. Mundy's Biology students constructed various biological models of structures like cells, bacteria, and DNA.
Ms. Mundy's Bio Class
Ms. Alejandre - Renaissance Middle School Science
In Ms. Alejandre's science class, students were "hired" for the Macy's parade to create a new balloon. Students used the engineering design process to create their products.
Ms. Alejandre's Science Class
Ms. Kandel-Scott - Photo II
In Ms. Kandel-Scott's Photo II class, students first built their own tabletop light studios, then used prisms that were sent home to explore refraction.
Ms. Kandel Scott's Photo II Class
Naomi Scott - 10th Grade
AltaSea's "The Blue Hour" Ocean Conservation Drive-In
AltaSea, a local organization dedicated to ocean conservation, transformed the USS Iowa in San Pedro into a massive art installation in October called "The Blue Hour." Naomi Scott, a 10th-grade RHP Student, contributed to the project and is pictured in the installation in the images below. This event was intended to raise awareness about conservation in an artistic and engaging way.
Naomi Scott at AltaSea's "The Blue Hour"