Ben Franz

Arts Week 2020
Ben Franz - AP Studio Art: Drawing

The AP curriculum is a one-year advanced studio art class where the students are concerned with completing the requirements for the AP portfolio including an in-depth commitment to a personal artistic concentration. The AP students explore various techniques and media to further develop their knowledge and self-expression. The artwork is the main concern, but the students are also involved in on going critiques of their own work and artwork from historical contexts.

The objectives of the AP class are to enable the serious high school art student the opportunity to develop further as an artist. The class provides experiences in different media and techniques and encourages risk taking and experimentation. The students learn artistic vocabulary including the elements and principles of art and design that they must incorporate in their critiques, and discussions. They learn how to articulate their thought processes as they develop critical decision-making, original thinking and artistic integrity. The students are encouraged to become self-motivated and self-disciplined artists.