Senior Gift Fundraising: School Hats

Senior Trees
Each year the Senior Class donates a gift to the school at graduation. The Class of 2022 has chosen to help beautify campus by planting 28 trees (podocarpus graciliors aka fern pines) along the fence line of the upper campus that will not only provide a future shady spot for studying and gathering with classmates but will also help to create an aesthetic that will eventually block the refinery from sight when on the west campus.
Planting 28 trees that represent 28 seniors comes at a cost so the Seniors will be selling baseball caps to raise funds for this gift to the schools. The goal is to plant the trees in the spring and in order to make that goal happen, the fundraising starts now.
Image of school hat      Side view with embroidery
To purchase a hat, please fill out both forms below. One form is to collect information for custom embroidery and other
 order options and the other is to collect payment.