Summer Assignments 2021-2022

Prior to the start of the 2021-2022 academic year, students are required to complete summer assignments based on the grade they are entering and the classes they are taking. Every grade has required summer reading assignments, but students should be aware of their schedules for next year and complete any assignments for classes that they will be entering in the Fall.
Summer Reading Assignments
All students have required reading for their English classes. Please see below for which book (or books) to read. Be aware that all classes require students to complete written assignments in addition to reading. Certain assignments are due the first day of school. Other assignments will be completed during the first week of school. All English classes spend the beginning of the year discussing and writing in response to the summer reading for English class. Therefore, students should arrive to class prepared to talk and write about the book(s) they have read.
Science Assignments
History and Global Studies Assignments
Math Assignments