R&R Speaker Series

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Renaissance School is pleased to be partnering with REACH Elementary and Middle Schools to create a bi-weekly Professional Zoom Speaker Series for parents to explore how education is evolving in the current era of online learning.
What should parents be concerned about? When should they contact a professional, and who is the right person? Each hour-long discussion will feature one or two professionals who will discuss a topic pertinent to their field and what types of children/teens/adults benefit from it, followed by Q&A.

Uma Kadekodi, M.S., C.C.C.
Reactive to Proactive: Taking Charge of Your Child's Speech and Language Needs
July 8 | 4 PM
Uma Kadekodi
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Uma Kadekodi, MS, CCC
"Reactive to Proactive: Taking Charge of Your Child’s Speech and Language Needs"
July 8 | 4 PM
Uma will “demystify” the role of an “SLP” and answer questions such as:
When should I address my child’s speech need?
What is the difference between speech and language?
What is the role of an SLP on your child’s team?
Isn’t speech therapy just about “R’s” and “L’s”?
Uma has been practicing pediatric speech and language therapy for the past 12 years and specializes in the assessment and treatment of childhood Speech and Language Disorders, Stuttering and communication deficits related to Autism. Uma received her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from UCLA, and completed her Masters in Communication Disorders and Sciences from Cal State Northridge University. Uma is a strong believer in early identification, full parental engagement in the therapy process and integrating speech therapy into the child’s 360 developmental needs.
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Dr. Kaye Ragland
"Educational Therapy as Part of Your Child's Collaborative Team"
July 22 | 4 PM
What is educational therapy?
How is an educational therapist (ET) different from a tutor?
How can an ET help my struggling child?
What qualifications should I look for in an ET?
When is a good time to start educational therapy?
Kaye Ragland, Ed.D, LMFT, BCET holds an MA in Marriage, Child, Family Counseling, and Ed.D in Educational Leadership and Change. Kaye has a private educational therapy practice, and is President Elect of AET. She is a retired Director of Special Education, and has been a classroom and RSP teacher, school counselor, principal, university instructor, and educational therapist.
Adriane Ransom, MA, OTR/L SWC
"The Role of Occupational Therapy on Your Child’s Professional Team"
August 5 | 4 PM
Myth: Occupational Therapy (OT) is just for preschoolers.
Myth: OT is just about handwriting.
Myth: Kids usually just “grow out of it”.
What is OT and what role does it play in your child’s life?
How do I know if OT would benefit my child?
Adriane is the owner and director of Bloom Pediatrics www.bloompediatrics.com a unique indoor-outdoor therapy center in West Los Angeles. She is an occupational therapist with over 20 years of experience in working with children ages birth through 12 years old. Her specialty areas include Autism Spectrum Disorders, executive functioning, feeding challenges, gifted and twice-exceptional, gross motor skills and coordination, handwriting and fine motor skills, Sensory Processing Disorders, self-regulation, and social skills. In 2017 she co-founded Square Pegs www.squarepegssupport.com to support families looking to meet their gifted children’s educational and social-emotional needs.
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Lori Brummel, LEP, BCBA
"Cooling Down Heated Conversations with
Children, Students, or Even Angry Adults:
Using De-Escalation Strategies to Get Back On Track"
August 19 | 4 PM
Do you catch yourself going back-and-forth with your child?
Do you wish you had the tools to de-escalate an argument quickly?
Learn how to avoid the power struggle altogether!
Learn signs that an escalation may be brewing before it starts!
Ms. Brummel is a School Psychologist, a Licensed Educational Psychologist (LEP) and a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). She owns and operates 4 Behavior Change, an agency providing behavior therapy to children, primarily with autism. Ms. Brummel is also a Crisis Prevention Intervention (CPI) instructor, and has been working with children with exceptional needs for over 15 years. Ms. Brummel has three children, two of which have special needs.
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